The Ugliest Alternate Jersey I've Ever Seen

Hello all, I’d like to give a quick introduction of myself before I get into the meat of my first quick post at MVN. I’m Cory Humes of A New Pirates Generation and Pittsburgh Pirates Roundtable. I’m a junior journalism major at Point Park University in downtown Pittsburgh. I’m a Pirates baseball junkie. Anything else you need to know, feel free to shoot me an e-mail using the “info” link in the sidebar.
Now, on to the important stuff–How many of you threw up in your mouths a little bit when FSN and KDKA showed clips from Piratefest during dinnertime? The “new” red alternate jersey makes me nauseous. Unfortunately, it’s similar to the prediction I made last week. It took me all of three seconds to make a second photo illustration from the TV reports.
I’m not sure who does the fashion design work for the Bucs, but this is a plea to that individual: Even I can take a paint can in Photoshop and turn a white jersey red. Next time you need a fresh, new look, remember that I’ll work for an eight pack of tickets and an autographed Bob Walk bobblehead.

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  • Jason

    I hope they decide to wear those jerseys the night STYX plays for a Pirate promotion in August.

  • Randy Linville

    How long until those are deeply discounted the way Rob Mackowiak and Oliver Perez t-shirts were last year?

  • Matthew

    I didn’t just throw up a little in my mouth, I threw up all over my keyboard. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to get throw up out from under those keys?
    Not cool.
    (I’ve always enjoyed your ANPG blog and it’s good to see you on here too.)

  • sludgeworm

    Ouch…..Just think if this jersey becomes a big seller,the Penguins might go with a red jersey too.

  • Cory Humes

    No worries there–neither about it selling nor the Pens adopting red. The Pirates justified the jersey by bringing up the red and blue uniforms of the WWII era and before. If the Pens wanted to bring in a new color, it’d likely be the baby blue that they used before they jumped on the black and gold bandwagon.

  • Chef

    Can anyone see Clemente wearing this garbage?
    Honus Wagner?
    Come one, its a disgrace to MLB…This has the Nuttings written all over it..why not just throw them in the wash with some bleach and make ‘em pink. Then change the team name to the Pittsburgh Pansies.

  • Jeff Adler

    I like the new red jersey.It is a sharp new look.

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