We're Born Again, There's New Grass on the Field

It’s snowing. A whiteout. The roads are covered, schools are canceled. The weatherman just said we’re going to have four inches of accumulation.
In two days, though, all that won’t matter. Our thoughts will be filled with sunshine, the crack of the bat, the smack of the ball hitting leather. On Thursday, the Pittsburgh Pirates will be in Bradenton and Opening Day will only be a month and a half away.
I say we just fast-forward through the Grapefruit League games and head to Houston now. Heck, I’ll even give Dave Littlefield a hand and set the rosters for him:

  Pittsburgh Indy (AAA) Altoona (AA) Lynch. (A+)
C Paulino Maldanado Walker Lerud
1B LaRoche Eldred Pearce Sakamoto
2B Castillo Green Schwartzbauer Ford
3B Sanchez Kelly Chapman Prasch
SS Wilson Bixler Guzman Blair
OF Bay Gerut Morgan Romak
OF Duffy Davis McCutchen Delaney
OF Nady Boeve Roneberg Corley
BN Cota – C Aguila – DH    
BN Bautista – UT Diaz – C    
BN Doumit – C/1B Edwards – UT    
BN McLouth – OF DeCaster – UT    
BN Hernandez – UT Matos – OF    
SP Duke Burnett Bullington Lincoln
SP Snell Youman Herrera Redmond
SP Gorzelanny Kuwata Starling Linares
SP Maholm JVB Peterson Bloom
SP Armas Wasdin Hamilton Bauserman
RP Chacon McLeary Shortslef Vaclavik – CL
RP Kolb Perez Romulo  
RP Sharpless Rogers Hernandez  
RP Marte Davidson    
RP Grabow Osoria    
RP Capps Bayliss    
RP Torres – CL Chavez – CL    

Author: PLCArchives

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