Burnett gets the axe; Never ceases to amaze me…

And you wonder why this organization has been an also-ran for 15 years now ??
The Bucs made their latest bonehead move, reassigning Sean Burnett to AAA Indy.
I’m sure we’ll hear all of the typical rhetoric from Littlefield eventually, like he needs to keep working on his mechanics, keep getting his arm stronger, yadda, yadda.
Yeah, he was really struggling out there this year, no doubt. That gooseegg in the ERA column gives it away every time. Zero runs and five hits allowed in 11 1/3 innings.
But for all that, I wouldn’t have a problem at all with sending Burnett down, that is if the pitchers ahead of him in the rotation have earned their spots thus far this spring.
But that is not the case, and that is why I’m shaking my head this morning and grunting to myself, “same old Pirates”.
This is what happens when management proclaims, before spring training even starts, starting jobs on silver platters to four young pitchers between 23 and 25 years old.
And what is the result when those four know before they head to Florida that they’ve got a spot in the rotation sewn up ??
Well, in some cases, such as Ian Snell’s, he’s taken the ball and run with it. He’s obviously eager to prove his doubters in the last few years wrong. His 3.00 ERA, 24 SO/7 walk performance so far this spring is a telling sign.
Then you have guys like Zach Duke and especially Tom Gorzelanny. While Duke has had a pretty lousy spring, he has had the benefit of proving himself throughout a couple of major league seasons. History suggests that Duke will bounce back and regain his form. For that, he gets a pass, at least in my book.
But Gorzelanny has done absolutely nothing this spring to earn a starting job with this club. In 15 innings this spring, he has a 9.60 ERA, giving up 17 hits and 17 runs during that time. Moreover, the only thing that he should have earned, if this organization ever had any balls, is to send HIM down to Indy, and keep the lefty in Pittsburgh who has earned a spot this spring.
Now, given that the person who would have presented any competition to his starting job is now on his way to AAA, who knows, maybe Gorzelanny will come out today vs. the Devil Rays and pitch a great ballgame. Wouldn’t that be nice to see, at least one good outing from him before the team heads north.
But it must be nice knowing that after such a bad spring, you’re still a starter.

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