Spring Training Game 19: Bucs/Twins Thread, Plus Guessing the 2010 Pirates

Bucs/Twins at 1. The game should be televised on FSN and MLB.TV. According to Paul Meyer in the P-G, it’ll be Tony Armas Jr. throwing against Boof Bonser. I may or may not be here for live updates, but I’ll catch the game at some point and give you my $.02.
You can find Pirates.com’s recap here.  The real Tony Armas showed up, allowing 7 hits and 2 home runs in 4.2 innings.  Jack Wilson, Brad Eldred, Ronnie Paulino and Xavier Nady had strong days at the dish.  The Twins won 7-3.
I was flipping through the March 19th issue of Sports Illustrated looking for something—anything—related to baseball (apparently there’s a basketball tournament going on), when I found Albert Chen’s article, “Fantasy Future.” His teaser reeled me in:

No team is more loaded with fascinating young talent—real or Rotisserie—than Tampa Bay. That’s not enough to predict great things for this season, but a few years down the road, well …

I thought it mixed pretty well with a discussion topic in the Pirates’ sphere this off-season: What happens in 2010? With Jason Bay, Freddy Sanchez, Adam LaRoche (and so on) set to reach free agency after 2009, is our window for winning closing? I won’t pretend to have the answers.
I can, however, dig through valuable resources (Cot’s Baseball Contracts and Rotoworld) to find out who’s locked up for 2010. Assuming that we can’t extend our studs’ contracts, or that we trade them and reload with prospects [Ed Creech joke here], you might see a starting lineup something like the one that follows. I’ve included the trumpeted D-Rays squad, too, along with the small-market Twins (since we do play them today, after all):


2010 Pirates

2010 Devil Rays

2010 Twins

C Paulino Navarro Mauer
1B Eldred Dukes Morneau
2B Ford Cantu Casilla
3B Walker Iwamura  
SS Bixler Upton Bartlett
OF McCutchen Crawford  
OF Duffy Baldelli  
OF Bautista Young  
EH Doumit Gomes  
SP Duke Kazmir Liriano
SP Snell Shields Garza
SP Gorzelanny Howell Bonser
SP Maholm Jackson Baker
SP Burnett Corcoran Perkins

Barring good decision making (i.e. selling high or re-signing our stars), we’ll be counting on a lot of talent that’s still in Double A (and below), and so will the Twins. That’s not necessarily terrible. Obviously there’s loads of time between now and 2010.
I felt comfortable guessing our guys, but not theirs. If you know Minnesota’s organization better than I do, feel free to chime in. I included an extra hitter to compensate for Ryan Doumit and the DH. As a disclaimer, that’s my TB team, not Chen’s.

Author: Randy Linville

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