Spring Training Game 4: Bucs/Yanks Live Blog

Spring Training Game 4: Bucs/Yanks Live Blog

Final score: New York 4, Pittsburgh 3. If you’re reading the log after the conclusion of the game, you’re going to want to start from the bottom and scroll to the top. I’ll provide a recap later tonight.

3:45: Bautista pops to Cannizaro at second. Veras works the count to 0-2 on Kelly. Don flies out to Thompson in right-center to end the game. Another heartbreaker for the Bucs.
3:43: Doumit doubles into the gap, and de Caster is held up at third. Bautista up with two ducks on the pond and one out.
3:41: Rajai flies to Reese in left. Veras closed for AAA Columbus last year. Yurendell reaches on a bobble by NYY’s third baseman. Lanny’s resorted to using the names of Yankee legends for the PBP, as it’s too hard to keep track of the changes. If you’re scoring at home, Clete Boyer made that last error.
3:40: Jose Veras on to pitch for the Yankees. Rajai leads off for the Bucs.


3:37: Juan makes quick work of Cannizaro, and the strikeout ends the inning. Yankees 4, Pirates 3 heading to the ninth.
3:35: Perez forces Davis to pop to Yurendell at first for the second out of this long inning. Andy Cannizaro’s up.

Another come from ahead loss is in works. Yankees 4, Pirates 3 as Perez tries to put out the fire. Ben Davis is in the batter’s box.

Vechionacci pushes the ball the other way, and Ryan can’t throw out Pena at the plate. Colborn to the hill to take out JVB after a rough outing. I’m assuming the new pitcher will be Juan Perez.
3:30: Wehner’s IQ isn’t all that high, but he’s actually growing on me. If I had to rank the Pirates’ announcers, it’d go Lanny, Walk, Blass, Wehner, Brown.

Vechionacci’s name is giving Lanny fits. Ramiro Pena steals second, and Guzman allows the throw to skip into center. The runner doesn’t advance.
3:26: Another error on Javier Guzman. 3-2 Yankees now. Make that 3-3 with a runner on first and one out after a Kevin Reese sac fly.

Ramiro Pena to the plate. Jim Colborn to the mound.

Wehner’s quizzing Lanny on the Yankees’ retired numbers. Back to back walks issued by Johnny V. Martin, Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle, Berra, Dickey, Rizzuto, et al.

JVB enters the game as the sixth Pirates pitcher. If you’re following the live box score, you’ll notice that the batting order is incorrect. Lazy techs at MLB Advanced Media. Van Benschoten walks the lead-off batter and goes 2-0 on the next.


3:17: Lanny sounds bored. I can’t blame him. Eddy Garabito doesn’t excite me either. Buttler advances to second on a bobble by the catcher. Garabito grounds out to end the frame. Pirates 3, Yankees 1.

Buttler grounds to Duncan at first, but Kennard drops the relay from the shortstop. No DP.

Lanny’s not quite in mid-season form yet. He’s missing names left and right. Javy Guzman drives in Ryan from second with a liner up the middle. Vic Buttler to the dish.
3:10: Michael Ryan up after Kelly K’s. Rain is falling in Tampa now. Kennard goes to 3-2 on Ryan. Ryan doubles into the gap. According to Rock, Kennard’s just throwing heat.

Cannizaro and Duncan in for the Yankees now, and Jeff Kennard is the new pitcher.


3:05: Cairo grounds to Guzman at short. Quick inning by Davidson, despite some issues with control. Pirates 2, Yankees 1 heading to the eighth.
3:04: Chavez GIDP, Kelly to Garabito to de Caster. Now that’s an ugly-sounding infield. Have fun with that, Indianapolis.

Six of Davidson’s first seven pitches have been balls. Now seven of nine.

Phelps walks and is replaced by a pinch runner. Angel Chavez at the plate against the Pirates’ lefty.

The ticket event at PNC Park today resulted in over 24,000 sales. That’s a 50 percent increase over last year.

Rajai remains in the game as the Pirates’ center fielder, Yurendell de Caster to first and Dave Davidson on the hill. Phelps at bat.

2:58: Playing catch-up: Ramiro Pena and Marcos Vechionacci in as the left side of the NYY infield. Reese stays in the game to play center, Cabrera shifts to left. Henn still pitching. Aguila walks on five pitches, Rajai Davis in to pinch run. Eldred grounds out, but Davis advances to second as he was running on the pitch. Doumit pops to third on an 0-2 pitch (batting from the right side against the LHP). Bautista grounds out to Cairo.

I’ll be back in five or 10 minutes. Amuse yourselves.

2:49: Davis flies to Ryan in left to end the inning. Still 2-1.
2:48: On a Ryan Doumit passed ball, Reese moves up to second. Brower’s 3-2 pitch is outside, A-Rod walks. Ben Davis at bat. Wehner discusses the merits of Ryan and Ooomberto. Einar Diaz is not mentioned.
2:46: Just for fun: A-Rod’s 2006: .290-35-121. J-Bay’s: .286-35-109. That’s a $15m difference.
2:45: Matsui walks, and Kevin Reese comes in to pinch run. The crowd at Legends Field isn’t enamored with Rodriguez.
2:44: Brower vs. Matsui now. Advantage Yankees.
2:43: Kelly picks up a grounder at third. Wehner really likes him. He didn’t impress me yesterday, as it looked like he’s got a weak arm. That .228 batting average doesn’t do it for me, either.

If Melky’s still in the game, he just grounded to Guzman at short. Jeter to the plate.
2:41: These changes for the Pirates: Buttler and Ryan in the OF, Guzman and Garabito in the IF, Jim Brower on the mound.

2:39: Freddy bounces one to Phelps at first to end the inning. After five and a half, Pittsburgh 2, New York 1.
2:36: Henn’s throwing hard, apparently. He’s working the inside corner against Jack. 1-2 count, four pitches so far. Ben Davis is the new catcher for the Yankees. Jack flies to the left-center gap. The box score says that Doumit’s in the game catching for the Bucs, too.
2:33: Just found the live box score on Sean Henn, a big LHP (and the new Yankee pitcher), walked Matos on a 3-2 pitch. McCutchen grounded to the middle infield but beat out the double play. One on, one out. Jack’s still in the game.
2:30: Thompson grounds out to end the inning. Heading to the sixth, it’s 2-1 Pirates.

Aguila makes a play on a fly ball in the right field corner. Two down.
2:27: Tabata K’s. Cairo to the dish.

Wasdin in for the Bucs. Tabata played in the Futures Game last year as a 17-year-old top prospect. Would you rather have McCutchen or Tabata?
2:22: Bautista to Cabrera. Two down, and Don Kelly to the plate. Seven years of pro ball, hit .228 at Columbus last year. “He’s married to Neil Walker’s sister.” Hits like her, too, as he flies out weakly to Matsui in left. Farnsworth with an easy 1-2-3.
2:20: Ronny hit a ball hard into the right-center gap, but Melky tracked it down with a “fine running grab.” One away.

Kyle Farnsworth’s pitching for NYY. Castillo left the game with a “right foot sprain.” Wehner says the good news is that Jose was hustling, the bad news is that he’ll miss a few games because of it.


2:17: Phelps flies to Matos in center to end the inning. Headed to the fifth, it’s 2-1.
2:16: Posada leaves the park in a hurry on a 1-1 pitch. I was just about to say how all of our pitchers (outside of Torres and Capps) have been dominant this spring. 2-1 Bucs.
2:15: A-Rod has warning-track power. Aguila tracks down a fly ball in right.

Matsui grounds to Kelly at third, one away. McLeary starts A-Rod off 0-2. “Already some boos from the Yankee faithful headed towards A-Rod.” Wehner says he looks jumpy at the plate, as if he’s not trusting his hands.

Matsui’s leading off for the Yankees. McLeary throws a first-pitch strike.
2:09: 1-2 on Eldred. Inning-ending double play, “Rodriguez to Cairo to Phelps.”

Aguila’s sac fly lands in Cabrera’s glove. Wilson scores, Freddy stays at first. 2-0 Pirates.

Freddy singles through the right side, runners on first and third with Aguila stepping to the plate.
2:05: “Very little doubt” that Wilson is best suited for the #2 hole, according to Wehner.

Jack Wilson takes Matt DeSalvo for extra bases, lining a ball into the gap for a lead-off double. “With some pop, too,” says Wehner, “that ball really took off his bat.”


2:03: Jeter grounds to Jack at short. The throw to first was off the mark, but Eldred picked it out of the dirt. After three, it’s Pirates 1, Yankees 0.

Melky flies to McCutchen in left. The fans give Jeter another warm welcome.
2:00: Thompson doubles into the gap. RBI opportunity for Melky.

Freddy is making a good impression at second. This time it was a sliding playing in the infield, popping up in time to nail Cairo.

Wehner is praising Kelly, “a left-handed bat that can play anywhere in the infield.” Sounds very much like Jack Wilson, except a LHB that’s a bit more versatile.

Don Kelly at third and “Marty McLeary is the new Pirate pitcher.” Cairo, Thompson and Cabrera for the Yankees. The last two were mentioned in trade rumors this off-season.


1:56: Cutch pops to Thompson in right. After two and a half, it’s Pirates 1, Yankees 0.

First ticket plug of the day, I’m surprised. Single games went on sale to the public at 10 a.m. today. I got four for Opening Day yesterday. Should be a good time.

Before Lanny could finish praising Matos’ Grapefruit League debut, Luis grounded into a double play. “Extremely routine.” Castillo was shaken up at second, and is limping off the field. He’s having trouble putting weight on his right leg.

Castillo goes the other way and bloops a two-strike pitch into right.
1:51: Matt DeSalvo on to throw for New York. He’s a New Castle, Pa. native, and a Marietta College grad.


1:49: Tabata grounds to Castillo at third. Youman’s two IP were very solid. The Matsui double would’ve been stopped by Pujols (and maybe LaRoche). After two, it’s Bucs 1, Yanks 0.

Tabata‘s wearing #92. “With all the Yankee numbers that have been retired, I wouldn’t be surprised if we showed up today and saw someone wearing triple digits,” says Lanny.

Youman starts Phelps off with a strike. Now, here’s some play by play: Phelps grounds one down the third base line and the ball hits the bag. Jack Wilson was sprinting at the crack of the bat, gets to the ball in short left and throws Phelps “out by a mile” at second as he tried to advance. Lanny was excited, and Wehner giggled some more.

Eldred “shows some athletically ability, tiptoeing down there around the stands.” Catches a Posada pop-up for the first out.

Ball one to Posada. Youman to face the catcher, Josh Phelps and phenom Jose Tabata.


1:43: Bautista grounds out to Jeter to end the inning. After one and a half, it’s Pirates 1, Evil Empire 0.

Ronny grounds out, two away.

Big Country works the count full before taking Mussina deep. Not wind-aided. “I can’t help but laugh, every time he does it,” says Wehner, “it’s amazing how strong he is.”
1:36: Aguila skies to Cabrera in right-center. Eldred has his work cut of for him today, according to Wehner, “This is a fairly big ballpark here at Legends Field.” He doesn’t mention that the Yankees’ ST field goes by the exact dimensions of Yankee Stadium.
1:36: Aguila steps in against Mussina. Lanny gives the obligatory Nady update. Also mentions that Jason hasn’t played yet because of his off-season knee surgery. Thanks. Back to baseball.
1:33: Youman started A-Rod off with two strikes as well. Wehner’s giggling about how strong Youman’s minor-league numbers are. Youman gets A-Rod swinging, and boos are audible. Scoreless after one.
1:31: Castillo has dropped 20 pounds this year. Eldred let a ball get past him down the first base line, and Matsui coasts into second with a double.

Judging by Lanny’s excitement, Freddy’s backhanded stop of a grounder up the middle was “a real fine play.” Got Jeter at first with a strong throw. Two outs, and an 0-2 count against Matsui.
1:28: Melky flies to Aguila in right. The crowd goes crazy for the captain, who’s making his way to the plate now. First pitch to Jeter is a strike, too.

Youman’s first pitch to Melky is across for a strike.


1:24: Freddy takes a few pitches before driving a ball into the right field corner. Unfortunately, Kevin Thompson tracks it down. One hit, no run, no errors and the Yankees coming up to bat.

Jack pops a 2-2 pitch to Melky in center. Freddy’s looking for his first hit of ST.

McCutchen caught stealing, Posada to Cairo. 0-2 count on Jack.
1:20: Eight-pitch at bat, I think, ends in a single up the middle. Kid does everything right. Jack’s up now.

The guys haven’t mentioned the conditions, but according to, it’s 61 degrees and cloudy in Tampa with 13 mph winds.

Cutch is working Mussina. 2-2 count, a couple foul balls. Six pitches so far.
1:17: McCutchen is leading off for the Bucs. Man-crushing abounds.


1:15: Rock handicapping the battle for the fifth starter’s spot: “Realistically, it’s just the two, [Armas and Chacon]. Today’s starter, Shane Youman, has an outside shot though, as does Marty McLeary.”
1:13: I updated the lineups below. Wehner butchered at least a third of the Yankee’s names. George is New York’s owner, not their catcher.
1:11: “Hi friends, and a very pleasant good afternoon.” Frattare and Wehner for the first half.
1:09: To this Rocco guy, whoever he is: Shut UP! Might be the most annoying radio voice I’ve ever heard. If he’s a regular on Pirates’ broadcasts this year, then the move from KDKA was an even bigger mistake.
1:04: The link to 104.7 again, just in case you haven’t bookmarked it yet. Lanny and the boys are on at 1:10, apparently. A reminder, too: As Dave noted yesterday, you’ll have to refresh the front page of Lumber Co. for updates (not the post’s page).
1:01: Radio coverage is going, but only a rundown of today’s news headlines. Youman is scheduled to go against Mussina:

  Pittsburgh Pos. New York (A) Pos.
1 McCutchen LF Cabrera CF
2 Wilson SS Jeter SS
3 Sanchez 2B Matsui LF
4 Aguila RF Rodriguez 3B
5 Eldred 1B Posada C
6 Paulino C Phelps 1B
7 Bautista DH Tabata DH
8 Castillo 3B Cairo 2B
9 Matos CF Thompson RF

I’m doing it again. First pitch is at 1:15, so I’ll probably get started around 1. I’m not committing to the whole game today, but I’ll at least stick around until the regulars hit the showers.
You can listen to the game on FM NewsTalk 104.7. Neither FSN nor YES Network are covering the game, so there’s no MLB.TV feed.
According to

Shane Youman faces Mike Mussina before Jim Brower, John Wasdin, Marty McLeary, John Van Benschoten and Juan Perez likely throw.

No word on which position players will make the trip to Tampa.

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  • Brian

    everyone get their tickets for the home opener
    as i mentioned in the facebook group about tailgating
    ill be down there when the lots open

  • Dan Benton

    You are one dedicated SOB. :)

  • Cory Humes

    Tell me about it. The Pirates are pwning your Yankees.

  • Dan Benton

    You must be listening to a different game. :) Wish I coulda seen that Posada throw and Matsui’s double.

  • Cory Humes

    Matsui’s double only made it down the line because our 1B is 6’10”, 300 lbs. I wish I could’ve seen Gay-Rod strike out.

  • Dan Benton

    This could be one of the Pirates 50 total wins all year. :P

  • Cory Humes

    Like I said: Pwned. Now Shane Youman’s going to set down George Posada, Phelps and Tabata before hitting the showers.

  • Cory Humes

    Like I said: Pwned. Now Shane Youman’s going to set down George Posada, Phelps and Tabata before hitting the showers.

  • Cory Humes

    According to, Eldred’s listed at 6’5″, 275, in case anyone was wondering.

  • Dan Benton

    Soooo very close. Damn that sounded like a good game. Wish I coulda watched it!

  • Cory Humes

    Yeah, MLB.TV is letting me down.

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