Spring Training Game 7: Bucs/Phils Live Blog

Final Score: Phillies 11, Pirates 10. If you’re reading the log after the conclusion of the game, you’re going to want to start from the bottom and scroll to the top. I’ll provide a recap later tonight.
4:34: Ballgame.

MRI already back on Freddy. No tear, just a sprain. Day to day.

Eldred hit the top of the batter’s eye. “That was a bomb,” says Walk. The wind is actually blowing in from center today. Greg Brown is beside himself. Big Country has hit a homer in every game he’s played this spring. Walk is telling Greg how Eldred can’t make it as a bench player in the bigs, that he’ll rely on being in a groove to have any amount of success. Nonetheless, it’s 11-10 and everyone will be talking about the big man.

Down two headed to the bottom half. If you’re a Steelers fan, you might be interested in knowing that the Dolphins just signed Joey Porter.

Phillies up 11-9, still batting in the top of the 10th.

“These guys are a resilient bunch,” says the booth about the Pirates. Osoria in to throw for the Bucs. “That was some of the worst fielding we’ve seen in a long time.”

Extra innings.
4:15: Game’s tied at nine now. Phillies have made five official errors in addition to a few other miscues. Bixler at the plate right now (with a triple and a double earlier in the game), trying to play the hero role. Ugly game.
3:35: Freddy appears to be okay. The guys in the booth pass along that Freddy was quoted as saying it felt like a bruise. The P-G confirms.

Yurendell grounds out, 4-3. Bucs down 9-2, and I’m done for now. I’ll be back later with the final and any pertinent updates.

Don Kelly was “robbed” by the Phillies non-roster invitee playing second. I’ve never heard so much man-crushing on a guy with two hits to his name.

Matos doubles off the wall, scoring two. Bucs down seven now with Don Kelly (“of Mt. Lebanon, Pa. and Point Park College,” according to Greg for the eighth time this broadcast) at bat.

Doumit lines out to third. Matos up to bat. Ryan’s 2 for 3 on the day with a hit from both sides of the plate.

Michael Bourn drops an Aguila fly ball to center. Runners on first and second with nobody out. If we score five this inning, I’ll stick around.

: LaRoche up to bat against Fabio Castro, a LHP. I think this is going to be my last half inning on the live blog, but I’ll keep the broadcast on in case there’s news on Freddy. Adam draws a walk on a full count.
2:57: Matos gloves the last out in center. Still down nine.

Ground ball off Walker’s glove, but the guys say it would’ve been a tough play to make, probably would’ve required a diving back-handed stop. I need to see more of him myself. I can’t say I trust these editorials.
2:53: Simon pops to Bixler in short center. “He looks like he belongs there,” says Walk on Walker at third.

Neil Walker made a nice play on a grounder, gets the runner at second but can’t turn the DP. “Good instincts,” says Rock.

Nunez walks. Freddy’s walking around the clubhouse, according to the guys in the booth. That’s good to hear.

Rock compares McLouth to himself. “I used to have all these young kids come in and pass me by, and I’d have to caddy for them.” He sounds disappointed. Someone give Wehner a hug.


2:47: Geary gets Andrew and Jack to ground out. Neil Walker’s batting in Freddy’s spot, hitting from the left side. Grounder to Abernathy at second, a 1-2-3 inning. Phillies 9, Pirates 0 after five. Rock reminds us that Walker runs well (remember he was an All-Star in football and a solid basketball player until his senior year in high school).

Randall Simon takes over for Howard at 1B. You’d better believe Snell and Gorzo wouldn’t have been able to walk that sausage-beater. Cutch up to bat.

2:43: Brower’s out of the inning. Finally.
2:41: Dr. Wehner’s talking about Freddy’s ACL, MCL, PCL, LCL with some sort of sophistication. Rock says he sprained his MCL once and it sat him down for 2-3 weeks. Needless to say, he wasn’t a batting champ. Walk says that David Beckham’s knee injury is a strained MCL (he thinks), and that’s going to keep him out for a month. I like Pat’s answer. Wait and see.

Rod Barajas with a bases-clearing double down the third-base line off Brower. 9-0. Way to go, Bucs. Grapefruit League play means nothing, right?

A live consultation with Dr. Pat from WHYGAVS: “We’ll have to wait and see” and Freddy’s knee.

There was a mix-up on the infield on Garcia’s single. Apparently a LaRoche mental error made Kelly cover the bag and Wilson take the cut-off throw.

Gorzo walks his fifth batter. Tracy’s finally pulling the hook. Not even out of the fifth, and the Pirates have walked seven and made an error in addition to losing our batting champ to an injury. Have no fear: Jim Brower is here to take the mound.
2:34: Garcia with a two-run single. Gorzo’s getting rocked.

Werth singles. 4-0 Phils. Bases still loaded. Freddy strained his MCL, needs an MRI. [Insert expletive here]

Gorzelanny walks Howard, too. Bob says he looks emotional on the mound.

Freddy injury update: There’s a line at the turkey leg stand.

Gorzo walks Dobbs in front of Howard. We won’t talk about why that’s a mistake again. Let me ask this, though: Who’s the superstar? Dobbs? No.

Walker makes an error on a grounder to his left. He’s not Scott Rolen yet, folks. Bob is “walking next door” to “find out news” about Freddy, but it sounded as if he was really looking to track down one of the turkey legs he’s been talking about.

Rowand grounds out to start the frame.

Don Kelly moves to second, Neil Walker in at third. No word on Freddy’s injury yet. The guys in the booth are actually talking as if Kelly might get a look as a futility infielder should Jose K. go down. What happened to Nick Green? Jose Bautista/Jose Castillo? A trade?


2:21: Gorzo put the ball in play, not sure who recorded the out. Andrew McCutchen is left in the on deck circle.

Not quite. Foul pop to the backstop. Don Kelly’s up, sporting a 1 for 12 (.083) average this spring. Hey, look at that. Takes Geary the other way, runners on first and second. Wehner says that Kelly’s going to be around for most of camp, and that we’ll see him at some point in 2007. Me, I would’ve cut him today if Castillo were healthy. He has a candy arm and no bat.

Doumit pulls an inside pitch for a single to right. Matos to the plate. Another ST homer?

Aguila at the plate for the Bucs. Geoff Geary on the mound for Philadelphia. Gets Aguila to ground to Nunez. Doumit’s the only Pirate with a hit today, and he’s up now for his second AB (left-handed against the RHP).


2:12: Freddy’s hurt. Uh oh. He’s on all fours and can’t get up. Barajas’ hard slide at second took Sanchez down, apparently. Looks like an ankle, according to Greg. Freddy’s had problems with one of his legs before.

Jim Colborn has a bad ankle, a la Jose Castillo, so Jeff Andrews (the AAA pitching coach) is out to the mound to talk to Gorzelanny. After getting Garcia for the first out, he’s walked two batters. Whatever Andrews said, it worked: the pinch hitter grounds into a double play to end the inning.

I was talking about Gorzo yesterday, I think. His K/9 numbers in the minors the past few years have been ridiculous. If he limits the number of walks he allows, he’ll be good. He has a decent ground-ball percentage, and a solid BABIP.
2:07: Walk to Brent Abernathy. Barajas up.

Garcia pops to Wilson at short. Bob says this is the last time we’ll see Gorzelanny working out of the ‘pen, so to speak. The next time through, he should be starting as the pitchers start to build their bases.


2:02: LaRoche grounds out to Howard at first. Remember when we could’ve gotten him for Kip Wells? I do. Phillies up 2-0 after three. Gorzo should be in for the Bucs after the break.

Greg Brown’s impressions are absolutely horrible. If you’re not listening to the broadcast, be glad. Last time it was Mike Lange, this time it’s an obscure weatherman from KDKA.

Freddy gets a free pass. LaRoche to the plate with the bases juiced. Make him pay, Adam. That’s what you’re here for.

Sanchez works the count full on the crafty southpaw. Moyer has Steve Blass syndrome, can’t find the plate. Freddy’s fouling off everything close, this is a long AB.

Moyer has the bug, now, walking Wilson in front of Freddy Sanchez. How about one of those trademark doubles into the gap?

Andrew draws a walk.

Edwards strikes out, imagine that. Cutch up with nobody on and two out.

Kelly grounds to short. Edwards pinch hits for Snell. Ian goes 3 IP, 3 H, 3 R, 2 BB, 7 K. To pound this point in further, Rock is talking about how Snell needs to avoid softening up when he’s ahead in the count. That was a problem with our whole staff last year. There’s no reason to throw a hittable pitch on a 1-2 or 0-2 count.


1:45: Howard doubles off the wall in right-center, scoring Nunez and Dobbs. Walk and Rock both don’t like the fact that Ian got two outs and then put two men on in front of Howard. Can’t say I disagree, seems like a simple concept. Lots of K’s, but a little wildness. Gets Werth to fly to Aguila in right. 3-0 Phils.

Snell walks Dobbs, runners on first and second for Ryan Howard. Oops.

Aaron Rowand up; grounded out in his first AB. Snell gets him swinging on a 1-2 pitch. Dominant performance, but walks kill. Walk’s criticism will be something to watch. Will Ian let his teammates make outs for him, or is he going to try to strike everyone out? Abraham Nunez singles.

Moyer at bat against Snell. Doesn’t seem fair. Ian’s fanned six now.


1:36: Matos grounds out to end the inning. Phillies 1, Pirates 0 after two.

Aguila flies to left, Doumit pokes one through the left side for a two-out single. Someone in the booth just made an adjustment, and I could almost hear Greg Brown clearly.

Moyer made LaRoche look foolish, apparently. The knock on Adam is that he can’t hit lefties.

Greg Brown just made the cuts announcement on the broadcast. Randy beat him to it, if you check the post above this one. Herrera was optioned to Altoona, Bullington and JVB to Indianapolis.

The lineups:

Philadelphia Pos. Pittsburgh Pos.
1 Rowand CF McCutchen LF
2 Nunez SS Wilson SS
3 Dobbs 3B Sanchez 2B
4 Howard 1B LaRoche 1B
5 Werth LF Aguila RF
6 Garcia RF Doumit C
7 Abernathy 2B Matos CF
8 Barajas C Kelly 3B
9 Moyer SP Snell SP


1:29: Yep, Barajas is the first RHB to make Snell’s K list. Phillies up 1-0 after one and a half.

Abernathy drives in Werth on a blooper to the outfield. Rod Barajas up, a good candidate for strikeout #5.

Werth receives a base on balls. Bob Walk says that Snell’s trying to strike too many guys out, and that he needs to rely a little more on his defense. Obviously paying attention to the guys in the booth, Ian strikes out Garcia (his fourth on the day). Werth steals second off Ryan Doumit.

Snell’s going three today. Ryan Howard at bat to lead off the second. Gets him swinging on a 2-2 pitch, off-speed stuff I think after a couple of fastballs.
1:18: Freddy grounds out to Nunez at short. Perfect first inning for both starters. I’m still working on pulling the lineups for you. If you’re impatient, you can find them at the live box score.

McCutchen leads off for the Bucs, grounds a 2-2 pitch to Dobbs at third for the first out. Jack Wilson steps into the box against Jamie Moyer. The quality of Gameday Audio leaves something to be desired. Jack flies to left on a 1-0 pitch. Freddy’s at the plate now.


1:12: Better late than never, right? Ian Snell 1-2-3 in the first with two strikeouts (granted, they were against Abraham Nunez and Greg Dobbs). Lineups during the inning break.

I count the Manatee CC exhibition as a game, if you’re wondering why the Pirates’ record is 0-4-1 and I’m on game 7.
Same deal as last week: I’ll live blog until I get too bored. No TV coverage (you’ll get that tomorrow against the Twins), or even radio on FM NewsTalk 104.7, but you can listen on Gameday Audio for free if you’re an MLB.TV subscriber. If not, I suppose you’re stuck with my updates. Sorry.
For the Phillies, it’s Jamie Moyer, Fabio Castro, Geoff Geary and Matt Smith. Ian Snell and Tom Gorzelanny are scheduled to go for the Bucs. Since it’s a home game, I’m assuming we’ll see a few of the starting position players (although Jason Bay won’t play until Wednesday at the earliest).
I’ll be here around ten ’til one, hopefully.

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  • Doug Bollinger

    For a Jersey Shore Bucs fan, this is like having a 20 game winner on the staff. Looking forward to following your insights on the season. Needless to say, there aren’t many Pirate fans near me.
    Thanks guys

  • Cory Humes

    Thanks for the kind words, Doug. I think you’ll find a nice mix of content here. Don’t be a stranger in the comments section, either. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see.

  • xcspyder

    Is it me or really hard to hear their commentary on mlb gameday audio

  • Cory Humes

    No, my feed’s the same way. I’ve never tried Gameday Audio in-season, but I’m hoping it’s significantly better than this.

  • Dave

    Any update on Freddy?

  • Cory Humes

    Nope. Jody Gerut helped him to the training room. There’s a joke to be made there.

  • Dave

    He definitely knows the way.

  • Randy Linville

    Freddy better be okay. Having dinner at my desk when I read the description of Randall Simon as a sausage beater. Three thoughts went screaming through my head as some Coca Cola went spewing out of my mouth:
    1. Great double entendre
    2. How does Simon get invited to a Major League camp? Did he win a lottery of some sort? I think I’d rather have Garth Brooks in camp than Simon
    3. Years from now to make money Simon and John Rocker will appear side by side at autograph shows signing photos of them as Braves teammates the same way the Thomson and Branca sign photos together. Simon and Rocker are linked forever and will one day need to cash in on it.

  • Cory Humes

    Wow, leave it Randy to catch the dirty joke I didn’t mean to make.
    Well done. I’m actually laughing out loud.

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