Spring Training Game 8: Bucs/Twins Recap

I’m watching the game, but I still have some other work that needs to get done. I’ll probably be due for a longer post tomorrow.
For a summary of the game’s PBP, check out this post from a Bucs Dugout guest, bryanzane. You can also find the final box score here, Dejan’s recap here and Pirates.com’s summary here.
Bucs/Rays Thursday at 1:05. Xavier Nady is slated to make his first ST appearance.
Sorry, all, I’m actually not going to have time to live blog this viewing. I might be back when the game’s archived on MLB.TV later this afternoon; in that case, I’ll start over from the beginning.

Seems as if Armas is pounding the zone down and away to righties and down and in to lefties: that is, he’s throwing the ball to the same half of the plate all the time.
1:35: Guzman strikes out. How long until he gets cut?

Brian Bixler’s built in the Jack Wilson mold, it seems, although he probably doesn’t have as much potential with the glove (and might have more with the bat). Grounder down the third-base line, and he still gets thrown out by a step and a half. Not exactly Jose Reyes.


1:30: Armas K’s Glenn Williams, a career minor-league corner infielder, on three pitches. Doesn’t prove much to me. I’ll watch more closely in the third.

No radar gun, so I can’t tell you how fast Tony Armas isn’t throwing. Torii Hunter singled in Jason Bartlett in the first for Minnesota’s run. Both outs in the second have been of the fly ball variety. Live box here.


1:26: Better late than never, eh? Twins up 1-0 heading into the bottom of the second.
We’ve got television for this one, folks, so of course I’ll be giving you my thoughts as I watch the game. I’m going to try to stray from my normal play by play in an attempt to provide more analysis. If you’re reading a Pirates blog in Spring Training, you’ll probably find a way to see the game (or at least figure out what happened). Hopefully, I’ll be able to point out something that you might not pick up on the broadcast. Seeing the game allows me to write a bit more thoroughly than listening does.
Tony Armas and Marty McLeary go for the Bucs, with Boof Bonser throwing for the Twins. Jason Bay will make his 2007 Grapefruit League debut as a designated hitter. I’ll try to be here a little before one, per usual.

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