1985 Pirates Retrospective

Back on the old Buried Treasure site before the MVN upgrade, I had made a series of posts about the 1985 Pirates and their futility and the angst it caused me as a 14 year old die hard. Unfortunately, all the old posts won’t be able to be linked to the new site for various reasons, most of which are beyond my computer comprehension. However, back in December of 2006, when I was informed of the changeover, I made a point of copying my mostest favoritest posts to MS Word and storing them on my home computer. So, back for an encore is a series of five posts about the 1985 Buccos.
I have placed the five posts in the “Stats” section of the page for permanence. You can access them by clicking on the “Stats” link next to the heads of Cory, Dave or myself. Each piece is also linked below:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

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  • http://www.financecoachllc.com Travis

    The 1985 Pirates scarred my late childhood. I remember it just like yesterday. It was before a game at 3 Rivers and I asked Tony Pena for his autograph as he walked outside the hallway connected to the players parking lot. He was wearing a uniform and carrying a bat at the time. There were LITERALLY no other kids around him. He looked at me and said, “No. No autograph.” Fortunately I asked Harvey Haddox after the game and he said, “Sure I’ll give you my autograph if you help me carry my stuff to my car.” My friend and I then gladly took a bag from his hands and went over to his car. He then proceeded to graciously sign our balls. I then asked my friend’s dad who was that “old” guy. He then told me who it was and just why exactly he was famous. I was old enough at the time to then realize what a great guy he was and what a jerk Tony Pena was.

  • http://mvn.com/mlb-pirates/ Randy

    Back before Marge Schott bought the Reds, the gates at Riverfront Stadium used to open 2 hours before game time. My parents used to be nice enough to get me there when the gates open and I would attempt to get autographs on my vast collection of baseball cards. There were two guys on the Pirates that never signed for me despite being available (plenty of other guys weren’t available) – Rafael Belliard and Mike Brown. Never got either one of them. I got Bonds three times for crying out loud and he’s supposed to be a bad guy. I did get Pena once on an 8×10 that I bought. Among the guys on the Bucs that were very accomodating were Bill Almon, Johnny Ray (my favorite), Steve Kemp and Sid Bream. I never got Lee Mazzilli either, but he kinda hit on my big sister once. So, that should count for something.