A Quick Draft Note or Two

I headed over to Baseball Think Factory this morning with the idea of comparing the Pirates’ current stats to where the ZiPS system projected they would be, but I got sidetracked. (I’m grateful; that would’ve been another depressing post in a long string of depressing posts.)
What caught my eye was a shadow draft conducted three weeks ago. Mike Emeigh, a fantastic analyst of prospects (and a member of the black and gold nation), went pick by pick, discussing whom the Pirates could have—or should have—taken in each of the first 10 rounds. For what it’s worth, Vlad tooled around with this concept at Bucs Dugout, too.
I won’t steal anyone’s thunder by reprinting the selections here, but if you’re interested in following the Pirates in a parallel universe, those links are worth a few minutes of your time.
Jenifer Langosch’s latest mailbag has a little draft discussion as well:

When are the Pirates going to sign first-round pick Daniel Moskos? And if they do, why not put him in Triple-A Indianapolis and get him up as soon as possible to help the Bucs bullpen?
– Zach B., Pittsburgh

Check out the mothership for an answer.
Finally, Dejan’s Monday chat had a couple draft quickies:

MPM: Assuming Daniel Moskos inks a contract relatively quickly, where will he be assigned?
Dejan Kovacevic: A college pitcher should start out at Hickory. And that is good, because the Crawdads could use some help in their bullpen.
Operation_Shutdown: Looks like the Pens took best player available, Angelo Esposito, in the first round just like the Buccos and Moskos.
Dejan Kovacevic: The Penguins and Steelers never could be accused of the things the Pirates have heard in relation to this pick.

We Pirate fans are a sarcastic bunch.

Author: Randy Linville

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