First Round Analysis – Daniel Moskos, LHP, Clemson

Round 1 (#4 overall) – Daniel Moskos, LHP, Clemson
Analysis: Moskos, a lefty, possess a fastball that can hit the mid-90’s as well as a hard-biting slider. Moskos also throws a curveball and a changeup, both of which are considered average offerings. Moskos’ command is considered average, and he walked 31 batters in 59 innings this past season. Moskos was a reliever for the majority of his college career, and has a delivery that is considered maximum-effort. The Pirates will develop Moskos as a starter, hoping that his stocky 6-1, 205 pound frame will help him become an innings-eater.
It’s difficult to rationalize this selection. Moskos was seemingly not the best player available (Georgia Tech Catcher Matt Wieters), the best pitcher available (N.J. prep righthander Rick Porcello, Missouri State lefty Ross Detwiler, Indiana prep righty Jarrod Parker, Canadian HS righthander Phillippe Aumont) the best lefthanded pitcher available (Detwiler), or perhaps not even the best college reliever available (Vanderbilt righthander Casey Weathers.) There had been rumblings from several sources that the team did not get the OK from ownership to select Wieters, a Scott Boras client who is said to be seeking a Mark Teixeira-like major league contract.
When a team cannot afford to acquire premium talent on the free agent market, the organization must develop its own stars, and be willing to take high-upside players with some degree of risk, whether that be an occasional flameout or a tough sign. Much of the signability risk has been mitigated by a series of new draft rules. A club unable to sign any pick in the first 3 rounds will be awarded with a selection in the next year’s draft that is one pick later (for instance, if the Pirates were unable to come to terms with their first round pick in 2007, they would be awarded the 5th overall selection in the 2008 draft, along with their normal ’08 first round selection.) Why not take Wieters and attempt to come to terms with a potential franchise catcher? If things don’t work out in negotitations with Scott Boras, the Pirates get the 5th pick next year as compensation. While Moskos is not without talent, the organization’s lack of creativity and apparent unwillingness to spend money on THE most important aspect of the organization is frustrating.

Author: Matt Bandi

Matt has covered the Pirates at Wait ‘Til Next Year, Pittsburgh Lumber Co. and now Pirates Prospects. He served as Pirates team expert for Heater Magazine in 2009 and 2010 and has contributed to Graphical Player 2009, 2010 and 2011. Matt was also the editor of the 2011 and 2012 Pirates Prospects Annuals.

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