Game #80 vs. Nationals; Protesting the Pirates

PNC Park | 7:05 | Gorzelanny vs. Jason Bergmann | Box

The protest results are covered in a separate thread.  I’ll keep updating it as more headlines pop up; if you see anything that I missed, feel free to leave a comment.
I’m not sure how much the game mattered tonight.  Most of the diehards turned their attention to the protest, and rightfully so.  But, I’m sure the bobblehead crowded enjoyed the convincing win.
Tom Gorzelanny worked into the eighth inning, and Freddy Sanchez and Adam LaRoche were forces in the middle of the lineup.
The damage was done in the second:

Pirates second: Nady singled to left. Doumit doubled to right, Nady to third. Paulino walked. Wilson singled to center, Nady scored, Doumit scored, Paulino to third. Gorzelanny sacrificed, pitcher Bergmann to first baseman Young, Wilson to second. McLouth was intentionally walked. Bautista fouled out to catcher Schneider. Sanchez singled to center, Paulino scored, Wilson scored, McLouth to third. LaRoche doubled to center, McLouth scored, Sanchez scored. Nady flied out to left fielder Church.

The Nats’ catcher, Brian Schneider, had a chance to end the frame during Sanchez’ at-bat.  Freddy sent a foul pop into the Pirates’ dugout, and Schneider was able to make it to the railing, lean over and get leather on the ball.  Fortunately, he couldn’t make the catch, and Freddy came through with a big two-out hit.
The Bucs go for a sweep tomorrow at 1:35.

Pre-game Thoughts
We know the storyline here. America does, too:

PITTSBURGH (AP) — The Pittsburgh Pirates, stuck in a 15th consecutive losing season, don’t sell out PNC Park that often. On one of the few nights they will, some fans don’t plan to stick around long.
With only the third capacity crowd of the season expected for a Bob Walk bobblehead doll giveaway Saturday night, some longtime rooters led by businessman Andy Chomos of Wexford, Pa., want those attending the game against Washington to walk out in protest of ownership’s perceived lack of direction.
Fans are being urged to wear green — to represent ownership’s lack of financial commitment to fielding a winning team — and leave their seats after the third inning. …

Alan Robinson interviewed Andy Chomos for the Associated Press.
Bob Nutting and Bob Walk were quoted in a Post-Gazette article written by Paul Meyer.
I’ll be interested to see how the non-protesters react. The Bucs have won three of four, and a bobblehead crowd will be at the game for the PNC Park experience, not the on-field product. If Chomos and the Fans for Change create a stir, good for them.
I weighed in with my thoughts on the matter yesterday.

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  • Lonnie McCartney

    I’m 58 and a life long pirate fan. My dad took me Forbes Field as a little boy. I was able to all the greats of the game which started my love of the pirates. I support the walkout. Where is Edger Synder when we need him as we have surely been injured by the Nuttings
    Lonnie McCartney

  • Tony Ferrante

    Quite a bit of green there tonight, eh ??

  • Tony Ferrante

    I’m watching the game on MASN2 (DirectTV feed). They just showed a couple of shots of the concourse. Lots of green walking around.

  • Tony Ferrante

    ESPN is interviewing Tara Edwards from WTAE right now. She estimated 7,000 fans participated in the walkout, take that for what it’s worth.

  • Tony Ferrante

    And what a sign of solidarity, as Nutting is sitting a few rows back of McClatchy tonight…
    Bovine feces….

  • Cory Humes

    For what it’s worth, FSN interviewed Nutting on their broadcast. They also showed footage of the walkout, albeit from the center field camera—so you couldn’t see how successful it was. From that vantage point, it didn’t seem like more people than normal left their seats for the inning break.
    Bob Walk and Greg Brown also discussed the walkout—which they weren’t originally supposed to be allowed to do—on the broadcast. The camera showed a smattering of the fluorescent green shirts (which read “I support the third-inning walkout”), but it was pretty clear that there weren’t too many of those in the infield boxes.
    More walkout notes in the game recap.