Game #95 vs. Astros

PNC Park | 7:05 | Gorzelanny vs. Roy Oswalt | Box

Carlos Lee went yard in the first inning, 11 Pirates were left on base, and the Astros finally earned a win against Pittsburgh in 2007.
You knew it’d be ugly as soon as you saw the lineup card.  No sign of Cesar, but Matt Kata started at third and hit second.  Charlie wrote about the five easy outs in our lineup, all in a row, that exist on a nearly daily basis.  He calls it “The Sub Club.”  If you’re a masochist, the link is worth a click.
Not much you can say about this one.  The Pirates, surprisingly enough, had plenty of opportunities to score against Oswalt and the Astro bullpen.  Check the play-by-play:  It’s frustrating stuff.
As an aside, there were no red jerseys to be found.  The last time the Pirates played at home on a Friday, the red was worn.  This is a distressing turn of events.  Have the Pirates given up after only half a season of red?  Or was there a mix-up, as the Astros had on their red alternates?
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Pre-game Thoughts
How do the 2007 Pirates snap out of a miserable losing skid? Invite the Astros into town, of course.
The Bucs are 6-0 against Houston this season.’s headline says that we “want to dominate [the] Astros at home.” Apparently the fact that we haven’t won in 12 days is a minor detail.
Our offense is missing in action, we’ll likely be playing two light-hitting shortstops instead of one, and Roy Oswalt at his worst is better than 90 percent of the league’s pitchers at their best.
Still, we have Gorzo on the mound and a less than formidable Astros lineup to contend with.
I’ll be listening to hear the broadcast booth’s take on Izturis. It’ll be interesting to see if he’s in the lineup (he will be), where he’s batting (probably higher than we’d like) and who he’s replacing (probably someone that will make us angry).

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