New Pirate Blogs!

First, let me say that I realize this is a cop-out post, and I’ll have something more substantial up later this afternoon.
But, I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile. It seems like new Pirate blogs are popping up every day—see how lovable our losers are?—and I figured I’d point you in their directions, should you not have noticed them yet.
I know that when I was getting my start, I appreciated the links that Pat and Charlie sent my way. Hopefully you’ll hit these new guys as hard as you’ve hit us at the Lumber Co., and we can build one big happy blog family.
As always, you can find links to these sites and others in our author box on the right. If there’s anyone I’ve left out, feel free to post a comment or send me an e-mail.
Without further ado …
Be Like Tike was born in June of 2007; apparently the authors picked that URL “Because Was Too Expensive.” Of course, the name pays homage to a former center fielder.
Blue-Collar Baseball is “a blog about blue-collar teams from blue-collar places for blue-collar fans.” The author, Deaner, hails from West Virginia and is a fan of the Pirates and Reds.
Doubt About It showed up in June, too: As their tagline says, “We believe in all Pittsburgh sports … but with the Pirates, there is never no doubt about it.”
Pittsburgh Baseball Guy is “a former Philadelphian’s musings on his new favorite team.” If you’ve frequented The Unofficial Pittsburgh Pirates Message Board, you’ve seen Eddie’s URL posted in his signature.
The Anti-Nutting is a blog for “Pirates fans against owner Bob Nutting.” They just entered the blogosphere yesterday, but their passion for the Pirates has already been made known.
Charlie put together a guide to Pirates fans pages over the off-season, which you can always view at Bucs Dugout.

Author: Randy Linville

Randy is currently living and thriving in suburban Dayton, OH with his wife and two kids. He was raised in Cincinnati, OH and attended Anderson High School. He went to Miami University (Ohio) and received a degree in Paper Science Engineering from MU. He is a devout Christian and a pop culture buff. He coaches his son’s baseball and basketball teams and his daughters softball and basketball teams. Randy has been a Pirates fan since the late 1970s and has fond memories of the 1979 World Series team. He began blogging for Most Valuable Network in 5/2004 after stumbling across a help-wanted sign for a Pirates blogger. He wrote for Pittsburgh Lumber Co. until the site merged with Pirates Prospects in 2/2011.

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