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We talked about Odalis on the PMB, but I like him. I agree that I think they are waiting for McLouth’s contract to be official so that they can see what they have to work with. Seems like they’re working with a hard budget.

McLouth’s salary will probably be decided by arbitration, and can impact the future payroll. If McLouth wins, he gets $3.8 M this year, and probably at least $4.5 M next year, if not $5 M. I could see his three year total being in the $15-16 M range if he wins.

If the Pirates win, McLouth would get $2.75 M, which means next year could be closer to $4 M. I could see his 3 year total being around $12-13 M if the Pirates win. The difference could mean about $3 M in payroll over the next few years, or about $1 M a year.

Sad that $1 M a year makes a big difference, but it could make the difference between going after Pedro, and going after Odalis Perez.

By: hokies416 Tue, 03 Feb 2009 14:49:00 +0000 No disagreement RE the theme, but I feel a need to point out that Pirates attendance is on a steep slope downward. So this reality will get worse before it gets better. I personally can afford to attend Pirate games, and choose not to due to the inept and cheap owners. In the face of the inequity in MLB, the FO of the Pirates have made the polar opposite of ‘perfect’ decisions for a LONG time.

By: The Jello Phone Tue, 03 Feb 2009 05:26:00 +0000 Good stuff cusco.

Pittsburgh has lost so many fans over the past decade and a half to apathy (and death I would presume) that they are below “small market”.

On a completely un-related note, what do you think about the Bucs using their last couple of million to try and snag Odalis Perez?

He’s still young, has a decent K/9 and BB/9 ratios and has pitched better in the N.L. than the A.L. It’s not like we could afford Sheets or Pedro anymore.

I guess they’re waiting till after Nate’s arb hearing before making any final roster moves.