Miguel Angel Sano Partially Cleared

UPDATE 2:18 PM: For clarification, the investigation is completed, just not announced. The “partially cleared” status still stands, as his identity is confirmed, but his age is “undetermined”. Jorge Arangure warns of the “identity confirmed, but age undetermined” status via Twitter, linking to this article back in March.

Dejan Kovacevic posted earlier today that Miguel Angel Sano, aka “Hanley Pujols”, was partially cleared by the MLB investigation. The same post has been updated to say that the Sano investigation is now fully completed, just not announced.

The process still isn’t over. According to DK, there was a meeting on Wednesday between Sano, the Pirates, and MLB (all teams were welcome to attend). At this meeting they stressed the importance of Sano telling the truth of his identity and age. Sano will meet with the U.S. consulate, and if he is found to be lying about his age or identity, he will not be allowed entry in to America at any point. This means that the next step is an investigation by the U.S. consulate.

MLB concluded Sano’s age is at least 17, while the Pirates’ investigation turned up that he was between 16-17. I don’t think there are any issues to worry about with Sano lying about his age to MLB, since he has been cleared.

Hopefully the U.S. consulate investigation won’t take long. You’d think the U.S. consulate, MLB, and anyone else doing an investigation would all get involved together on one all-purpose investigation.

Author: Tim Williams

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