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In regards to the HRs, it's quite the opposite. All of the pitchers I followed in the Prospect Tracker had either the same HR/9 ratio at home, or a worse HR/9 ratio at home vs the road.

A lot of the pitchers NH acquired are above average ground ball pitchers, usually due to a good breaking pitch. That could result in the low homers.

As for the walk rates, the Pirates stress fastball command at the lower levels. I don't know if they're throwing a large majority of fastballs like the 08 Spikes. However, I've seen Lynchburg a lot this year, and every pitcher I've seen pounds the strike zone. I'd imagine the same is going on in WV.

By: SalemPirate Wed, 09 Sep 2009 12:25:51 +0000 Don't know what happened, but part of the first post got deleted.

Is the WV park a pitcher's park?

The pitching not only had a very good HR ratio but had some very low BB ratios. Likely that there are no overpowering pitchers, but these guys managed to get outs and that's what counts.

Give NH credit for the upgrades, both thru the draft and trades.

By: SalemPirate Wed, 09 Sep 2009 12:21:14 +0000 Top notch in depth review Tim. Have to say I really enjoyed it.

One thing I noticed about the pitching: not too many HRs given up. Is the WV park a pitcher friend kuddos for acquiring, and upgrading, the system, especially as to starting pitching.