Tony Sanchez Videos from the Lynchburg Hillcats Game

I was at the Lynchburg Hillcats game on Monday for their regular season finale. In that game I got to see Tony Sanchez behind the plate for the first time, and as usual, I took some video of the event. The video playlist below includes:

-2 Innings from Matt McSwain
-3 Innings from Tom Boleska (well, I missed a bit of the 3rd inning he pitched)
-2 Innings from Mike Colla
-Part of an inning from Noah Krol
-3 Tony Sanchez at-bats
-A few more random Tony Sanchez videos, like a close up of him catching with Harrison Bishop throwing
-Jose de los Santos in a rundown, displaying his speed, while Matt Hague scores from third. There’s a reason de los Santos has 53 steals on the year.
-And of course, Tony Sanchez catching all of the pitchers above (check out Mike Colla’s eighth batter, around the 0:47 mark).
Now, on to the videos, with a few notes after:
A few notes from the game:
-Sanchez wasn’t calling the game, but was getting signs from the bench. You can see him look to the side and wait for the call (Cats dugout is on the 3B side). I don’t think he did this in every occasion, but I notice he did for some of the better hitters. I’m not sure if this is something that’s been going on with Sanchez in West Virginia, or if it’s the approach in Lynchburg with him being new to the staff.
-It’s hard to judge a player from one game, especially a catcher’s defense. Sanchez let a ball go by him in one of the closeup videos (Tony Sanchez behind the plate 2, 30 second mark), but also blocked a ball in the dirt (Noah Krol 5th batter) and showed good hustle on the video I mentioned above. He didn’t get any close plays at the plate, or any steal attempts, so I couldn’t see him in action there.
-In his first at-bat, Sanchez hit one to deep center (390 feet) off the wall. It would have been gone anywhere else in the park. However, in the fourth at-bat (different view point), Sanchez had trouble making contact with breaking pitches. The pitch he hit in the first at-bat was a fastball. I don’t want to draw any conclusions off of two at-bats, just pointing that out. Could be something to watch for.
-Tom Boleska looked good, with some quick work, and effective results. He only ran in to trouble in the second inning of work. He also hit two batters in the hand, due to pitching inside, which isn’t a bad thing. He was throwing 90 MPH.
I’m going tomorrow for the first playoff game. Justin Wilson will be pitching. I have the Twitter updates on the side of the site, but to get more than just the recent posts, subscribe to my Twitter feed.
I’m also debating on going to the Thursday game. Rudy Owens is scheduled to pitch, and I’d like to see him again, since he could start at AA next year. Plus, it could be the last chance I get to see the Cats this year (although I hope they advance, thus creating at least two more home games). The only downside is that I’d miss the Steelers game, but that’s why they made DVRs, right?

Author: Tim Williams

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