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This is great information. Excellent analysis of rosters, options, payroll.

Even with several players out of options, I'm not sure the Pirates will have any roster problems.

Bowker, Diaz, Ciriaco, Martinez, all the relievers except Meek and Hanrahan, are fringe prospects and shouldn't block any of those needing protecting (Locke, Owens, Marte, Presley, Moskos) or any free agents they bring on board.

Morton will stick because of his stuff, I think you'll see Clement put on his catching gear and become a utility guy because the Bucs don't want to admit they made a mistake. I'd like to see Steve Pearce get extended at-bats.

They'd like Milledge to win right field job, but he's not the answer. I'd put Jones back there. I think they'll try to dump Doumit's salary, but maybe platoon him and Pearce at first.

Also, if Alvarez can't stick at third, that opens another ball of wax.

By: FlapJacks Wed, 04 Aug 2010 10:18:56 +0000 This is why I wasn't a big fan of the Javier Lopez trade. We just added more bodies that we have to find room for with little time to evaluate them or the existing marginal guys.

Of course I bet this will be part of the excuse not to chase FAs since you never know if the marginal guy you let go will be the next Garrett Jones or Jose Batista. It won't be hard to let some guys go since they have consistently underperformed.

By: pirateswillwinin2011 Tue, 03 Aug 2010 23:41:21 +0000 Tim i like everything with you do on this site and agree with your opinion almost all the time . But i dont agree with you on Jeff Clement and Steve Pearce situation to me Clement has a lot more value than Pearce and probably possesses the most power on the team beside Pedro…I think with the lack of Power this team has you need a Jeff Clement type…He has done very well in Triple A the past 2 years and i still believe he can be an everyday player in the bigs with his stick and has more talent and potential than a Steve Pearce…he prob will start the season on the 60 Day DL anyways because of knee surgery