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In either case, it pretty much doesn’t matter who the Pirates have on the major league roster now or who they’ve drafted the last couple of years. This team needs to stockpile talent. The question is who would be the BEST choice? Cole or Rendon? Pitchers inherently carry a fairly high degree of risk, but a player with injury history raises red flags, too.

Having seen NEITHER player and being nearly complete ignorant on the subject, my intuition says the Pirates should take Cole. Just a gut feeling.

You remember the pre-draft talk about Alvarez? There was discussion then, as there is now, that Alvarez would at some point move to first base, and that his strikeouts were always going to be there. None of those considerations should bear on this year’s draft decision. The one thing that bothered me way back then was the feeling the Pirates (in Huntington’s first draft) were going to take Alvarez no matter what. They HAD to, after Dave Littlefield had bypassed catcher Matt Wieters the previous season. It was like, Huntington and Co. never even considered drafting another catcher — Buster Posey, who was no secret at the time, and who was drafted with the fifth pick that year and subsequently turned into last year’s NL ROY on the World Series-winning San Francisco Giants. This is not to criticize Alvarez, or the Pirates for drafting him: I like him and have high hopes for him — he fields much better (errors to date notwithstanding) than I’d been led to believe, and hopefully his strikeouts will go down; and hopefully his hits (including extra base hits) will go up.

I’m just wondering about the Pirates’ management team’s mindset (always a big question mark), as they prepare for this year’s draft. Keeping in mind that a couple of months remain before the draft, with a lot of college baseball to be played still, I wonder whether the Pirates will pull the trigger on Cole or Rendon. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. Right now, I’d go with Cole. Anybody else?