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By: Nate Mon, 06 Jun 2011 21:08:00 +0000 Calming the waters.  Excellent post.

By: Philip Pallerino Mon, 06 Jun 2011 20:42:00 +0000 Fantastic article, well done

By: Bob Mon, 06 Jun 2011 19:48:00 +0000 Didn’t Boras tell Pirates not to select Rendon b/c Alvarez doesn’t want to play 1B?

By: Lee Young Mon, 06 Jun 2011 19:32:00 +0000 So what happened to my smiley face after……..”Btw, this is just my opinion. ”

Without it, my comment sounds kinda snarkey. I don’t like being snarkey (smile).

By: Lee Young Mon, 06 Jun 2011 19:28:00 +0000 To be honest, without opinions, where would these blogs be? Of course they’re opinions. Of course, MINE is correct. That’s the way it works.
I love ya, Tim, but you’re stating the obvious, imho.

Btw, this is just my opinion. .

By: Steve Zielinski Mon, 06 Jun 2011 18:37:00 +0000 “The Pirates can’t make a move without the issue getting divided in to
two sides.  There’s the side that loves the move, and the side that
hates the move.  It’s usually black and white, and there’s little room
for shades of gray analysis.  That’s not just limited to Pirates fans.
 That’s our society.  It’s what fuels the show Pardon the Interruption.
 It’s what most political talk shows are all about.  It’s fueled by
hyperbole.  If someone didn’t make the decision that you wanted, that
decision becomes the worst move in the world.”

One problem I had with some of the professional draft and prospect pundits was their willingness to claim that Rendon had suffered an injury that structurally damaged his shoulder, and this meant that he was not the prospect he appeared to be in years past. They offered no direct evidence in defense of this claim. How could they when they lacked access to his medical records. We had to wait until a Pirates fan talked to a few of the Pirates medical staff before we had credible evidence that the Pirates believed Rendon to be a damaged player. And this evidence would not be considered credible except by those who believe the poster in question is a person of integrity.

Many fans mimicked the professional pundits or just felt Rendon’s admission that he injured himself was enough to downgrade his draft status when his admission was coupled with his production decrease.

For months, then, a debate has swirled around highly suspect claims made by the professional pundits and the fans. I felt the need to counter that FUD.

My other problem was with the belief that the Pirates would only take Cole or Hultzen. Professionals like Law, Gammons and Christensen made these claims. They based their assertions on anonymous sources that their readers had no reasonable way to evaluate.  This was shoddy journalism. Even if their sources provided accurate information on or guesses about what the Pirates would do, it would not help much if their readers could not evaluate the credibility of their sources.

For me, what I take from all of this bickering, rumor mongering, politicking and the like is that the current FO has a physique and pitcher bias that will inform their future draft picks.

Of course, that judgment will change if the team picks Rendon tonight!

By: Anonymous Mon, 06 Jun 2011 18:17:00 +0000 Your spot on Tim.

By: Anonymous Mon, 06 Jun 2011 18:04:00 +0000 Good post Tim

By: Todd Smith Mon, 06 Jun 2011 18:03:00 +0000 I loved the idea of getting Rendon before the season started.  He was going to be that big, middle of the lineup, corner infield bat that we needed.  As the season went on, it became clear that he’s not that player.  When he has to make a long term move to 2nd base to keep from re-injuring his shoulder, something is very wrong.  At this point, I absolutely would hate the Rendon pick.

Personally, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have differing opinions.