Josh Bell Update: 60% Chance He Signs?

Kendall Rogers of Perfect Game has an update on Josh Bell, the Pittsburgh Pirates’ second round pick:

One interesting little note. Spoke to a solid source tonight that felt there was a 60% chance #Pirates second-rounder Josh Bell signs. #MLB

We’ve been hearing for awhile that there’s no chance of Bell signing, that he’s going to honor his commitment to Texas, and that he’s sincere with his desire of not wanting to turn pro.  I have never really bought in to that.  I think it would have been easy for him to remove himself from the draft class (there are rumors that he was offered, and his mother declined), and he has Scott Boras as his adviser.  If you don’t want to turn pro, it makes little sense to have an adviser, and this whole thing sounds like a page right out of the Scott Boras handbook for driving up prices of draft picks.

It’s just one rumor from a “solid source”, but it’s definitely encouraging to hear, as Bell would be a huge addition to the Pirates’ system.

Author: Tim Williams

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  • Anonymous

    I wonder what the 60% figure measures: 1) His general willingness to sign an acceptable contract or 2) the probability that the Pirates and Bell arrive at a figure acceptable to both?

    Even if one believes Bell and his family adamantly want Josh to go to school, their likely remains a set composed of contracts that they would not turn down if one of them was offered by the Pirates. Most of those possible contracts are too outrageously large to consider feasible. What, then, defines the range of feasible contracts: $4M to $7M? More than $7M? That’s the real problem for outsiders like us. We have little information about the preferences of the team and its draft pick that’s specific and reliable.

    I hope the Pirates sign Bell and Brown.

  • Jimmy Cali

    This is really good news if true.   We need someone like Bell in our system

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it matters that he has an adviser.  Gerrit Cole had Boras too and still turned down the Yankees.  Boras loves college baseball and has steered many of his clients in to college.  Pedro Alvarez is another one.  I hope Bell signs but it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t.

  • Anonymous

    Would like to see him locked up.  He looks a lot like Griffey Jr. when he was younger.

    • Zach

      Lol while I like the enthusiasm and think the kid looks great….Griffey? he was just about the best looking prospect ever.

  • Anonymous

    The think is back when Griffey was younger, he was just a good looking prospect too.  I think this kid has copied Griffey’s style but that doesn’t take away that he is a very good looking prospect.