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Draft Updates: One Hour To Go

Draft Updates: One Hour To Go

With one hour remaining, here is what to watch for:

-Gerrit Cole will sign.  It’s just a question of when and for how much.

-The fact that we have an hour to go, and we haven’t heard anything about the Pirates being out on Josh Bell is encouraging.  Not a guarantee that he gets signed, but I think the Pirates would have moved on by this point if there was little to no chance of signing him.

-We’ve been hearing rumblings about how some late first round deals are done, but MLB won’t let the teams announce them until after 11:00.  The whole process is highly choreographed, and it’s ridiculous.

-Outside of Cole and Bell, the only others we’re keeping an eye on are 15th round pick Kody Watts and 17th round pick Aaron Brown.  As I mentioned earlier, Watts is in Pittsburgh, and took a physical.  Nothing is done yet, but it’s a good sign that they’ve gone this far.  No updates on Brown yet.

-I still think the Pirates can get 11th round pick Joel Bennett, 14th round pick Jordan Dunatov, and 16th round pick Eric Skoglund.  However, signing those guys will probably mean bad news on the Josh Bell front.

  • d.boyce

    Great updates. Thanks.

  • Why don’t they have Gonzolez play 1st base ,in the fall this yr.

    • Why don’t they have Pedro play 1st in the fall lrague this fall ?

  • I’m waiting  what’s taken so long?


    • Well lets here something

  • SI_JonHeymanJon Heyman
    huge day for #pirates. to get bell done. and cole.

  • SI_JonHeymanJon Heyman
    josh bell signs with #pirates
    14 minutes ago

  • SI_JonHeymanJon Heyman
    cole gets $8M from #pirates
    10 minutes ago

  • Anonymous

    $8MM? Sure hope he turns into Griffey Jr

  • How’s much later do we wait?>

  • Let’s get whih it !


  • Get them into the fall league now !

  • It seems to me that they still need a catcher. or  am I  am wrong?

  • Let’s here some answers?

  • Bell put on a very good show did he not?

2011 Draft

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