A.J. Burnett Rumors: Thursday

It was a little over a week ago that we first started hearing talk of a possible A.J. Burnett trade to the Pittsburgh Pirates. The talks have moved slowly since then, but might be reaching a conclusion.

Jon Heyman tweets that there is a lot of optimism for a Burnett deal to the Pirates, and says that the Yankees will pay $20 M.

Yesterday I reported that the Pirates were willing to go to $12-14 M, and that they’d rather give up money than prospects. I also predicted that the deal would get done with the Pirates paying $13 M for Burnett and giving up two prospects that they won’t miss. It sounds like the two sides are in agreement on the money aspect, based on Heyman’s update. We could be nearing a conclusion to all of this.

UPDATE 10:25 AM: Buster Olney reports that an unknown team brought a proposal to the Yankees yesterday. I guess this saga wouldn’t be complete without a mystery team.

UPDATE 10:48 AM: Jim Bowden reports that the two sides are close, and cites a source as saying the deal could be done in the next 24-hours.

UPDATE 5:07 PM: Two updates from Joel Sherman (Twitter links), and the news is somewhat new. Sherman says that the Yankees have made a counter offer to the Pirates. He says they believe progress has been made, and that they remain optimistic that a deal can be reached before pitchers and catchers report on Sunday. Sherman hears that the Yankees offered a sliding scale, with the Pirates giving up lesser prospects the closer they got to $15 M.

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Tim Williams

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A.J. Burnett Rumors: Wednesday

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Pirates and Yankees in Agreement on Burnett

  • dmac2020


    Who would you think would be removed from the 40 man if this trade goes down

    • http://www.piratesprospects.com Tim Williams

      It’s hard to say. If I had to pick, I’d send back Nunez, the Rule 5 selection.

      • wtmiller

        That’d be my choice, but I don’t think they’ll do it. They have a lot of RH reliever depth now and there’s a good chance Hughes would clear waivers.

  • salempirate

    Not Tim, but who thinks we’d miss the Rule 5 pick?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steve-Dimmick/100000318490900 Steve Dimmick

      nobody, he hasnt done anything yet and has really no more upside than d’arnaud or Mercer or the other guys they got….

  • leadoff

    Nunez would be the right guy to cut from the 40 man. If they keep him and cut someone else, they will be essentially cutting 4 guys to keep Burnett.
    Here is my reasoning:
    1. Nunez probably won’t make this club out of St……..1 gone!
    2. The guy they dropped from the 40 man……………….2 gone!
    3. The two prospects they probably will give up………..4 gone!

    When you think about it, quite a bit to lose plus the 13 mil.
    IMO, the 10mil and no prospects is the right way to go, Burnett is all about projections for the Pirates, his track record shows the last 2 years to be bad ones, a lot of projections say he will regain his form in Pittsburgh, that is a gamble for sure and the Pirates may be giving up a lot to make that gamble.

    • scrappy2499

      Thought they have been saying that the two prospects to go will not be off the 40 man???

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=72405411 Ian Rothermund

         He didn’t say that the two others would be from the 40-man.  Just that Nunez would get cut and that we’d be giving up 4 players in total.  I disagree with him about it being a bad idea though.  NH take a lot of flack for not picking or signing worthwhile veterans….there’s one right here, and everyone just wants to complain about it.

    • F Lang

      The Yanks would have to want him enough to keep him on their roster. Teams that want to contend for the world series generally don’t want a question mark like him on their roster all year.

  • Arriba21

    The Pirates should give Nuñez and a marginal prospect to the Yankees.

  • Thom Kay

    Can the Pirates give Nunez to the Yankees? Rule 5 confuses me. Still, two blah prospects off the 40 man roster and $13M is a good deal.

    • leadoff

      . Still, two blah prospects off the 40 man roster and $13M is a good deal.

      We don’t know if it is two blah prospects, it would appear that the Yankees do not want blah prospects, because from all indications the Pirates are ready to cough up 13mil.

      • BondstheGOAT

        Its not like you to get so angry over something  not pertaining to closers ;) If they gtrade a guy or 2 that might be in a bit of a logjam for playing time at the lower levels and they dont feel is a high end prospect what are they really losing. I feel hes a def upgrade to the rotation and none of the current or recent rotations possess the peripherals he does. Even at his age. If he can fill the staff vet role for 2 years and rack up innings and Ks with a respectable ERA I think its a certain win. There should be some stuff out soon regarding park effects and what not that may swing your opinion.

        • leadoff

          I am not angry and if they get Burnett it is okay with me, it is the giving up too much part I don’t like, but they know more about what they are doing than I do.

  • http://twitter.com/rinsana11 Ross

    first of all, theres no way they give up anyone in this list: Cole, Taillon, Bell, Marte, Heredia, McPherson, Grossman, Sanchez, Locke, Owens, Kingham, Mercer, Dickerson
    40 man roster prospects would be Hughes, Lincoln, Locke, McPherson, Morris, Moskos, Owens, Welker, Justin Wilson, d’Arnaud, Hague, Harrison, Mercer, Navarro, Nunez, Gorkys, Marte

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_46YTB5OO4O7UM2OVB44UZSTXNA Nate

      I also doubt Cunningham, Rojas, Ngoepe, Cain, Holt, Black, ZVR, Dodson, and a couple others would be on the list.

      I’m thinking Lambo and Stevenson now.  No particular reason. 

  • James S

    Nunez has to go through waivers before he goes anywhere, even before he could go back to the team he came from, whatever that team is.
    At least that is how it has always worked in the past.
    Remember when Jose Bautista originally was lost in the Rule 5 draft? He was let go but Tampa, I believe, grabbed him on waivers before the Bucs could get him back.

    I agree though to take him off the roster for Burnett. I’d rather see Yamaico Navarro get his job anyway.
    But he’s on the 40 man, so he won’t be traded to the Yankees. They said it wouldnt be anyone off the 40 man roster. I don’t know why people keep suggesting roster players like Gorkys Hernandez and others. They have only said 5000 times it won’t be someone off the 40 man roster who gets traded.

  • pantherfan83

    I hope we turn around and trade him at the deadline back to the Yanks after he has a great season for some top prospects.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_46YTB5OO4O7UM2OVB44UZSTXNA Nate

      That would be hilarious.

      We give them Krol and Calvin Anderson for AJ.
      They give us Gary Sanchez for AJ.
      End result:  They gave us Gary Sanchez for nothin’. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=72405411 Ian Rothermund

         lol, Here’s to dreams coming true

        • gozurman1

           Dare to dream !!!!

  • http://twitter.com/rinsana11 Ross

     i have a very odd feeling that a young arm is going to go in this deal if it happens…mcpherson, locke, owens, kingham. people have been saying that NH has had all of the leverage in this deal so far, but i really do think its all been Cashman. he knows how desperate NH is for starting rotation arms and hes trying to get NH to be the first one to blink. i just have a gut feeling us pirate fans wont be happy for what we give up to the Yanks if this deal happens

    • gozurman1

       Hey give it time the Buccos have said the are willing to give up more money as opposed to prospects. I am willing to wait & see. 

  • Thom Kay

    I’d be fairly pleased if we had picked up A.J. Burnett for 2 years, $15M in free agency.  

    The rumors have always been that NH overrates his prospects and doesn’t want to part with them. I bet the two we give up will be guys I’m okay parting with. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=72405411 Ian Rothermund

       Yeah, I don’t expect them to give up anything too valuable.  Definitely not a top-10, and i’d say there’s a 75% chance there isn’t a top-20; and definitely not one of the prep pitchers out of that list.

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