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By: Lee Young Sun, 06 May 2012 13:59:00 +0000 John… requested.

Only made it to one game of the
Altoona Curve DH due to the driving distance (2 to 2/12 hrs) my wife was with me and the fact that
my eyes don’t do well at night driving anymore ….it sucks getting old….lol….but
then, I do get to retire, so……….Nice view of the Super Moon driving home.

Nate Baker was trying out his
newly learned two seam FB. It was sinking all day and he got lots of
groundouts. His FB was around 90 all day, but between that and a nice curve, he
was dominant. He seemed to have trouble commanding his few 4 seamers that he threw.
He made Gary Brown, the Giants # 1 prospect and
Tommy Joseph, their # 2 prospect, look foolish all 3 times they came up to bat.
Baker has had control problems, so perhaps this newly minted 2 seamer will
The Curve would’ve won in regulation, but Richmond
OFer Chris Dominguez, who has a heck of an arm, gunned down Brady Holt at home in
the 5th. 



Batting against Giant’s soft
tossing non prospect Chris Heston, very few balls were stroked hard.

I continue
to not be impressed with Tony Sanchez’ bat. He hit one ball sorta hard (my seat mate was more impressed than me) for an out. There’s still time for him to come
around, but those A ball numbers appear to be a mirage at this point. His
defense looks MLB ready (nice and quiet behind the plate), but there are lots of
defense first catchers ‘running around’, so I am not that high on him at this

Curry and Holt had some nice
hits, those two combining on the near run. Holt showed why he is not considered
a viable everyday ML SS (reminds me of a Jeff Keppinger – bat first – type of
player) making a horrible play on a ball he had to charge and short hop. It
wasn’t an easy play, but not overly hard for a MLB SS.

Robbie G had a semi hard hit 1b,
but K’d twice, one of them looking a bit inside to us. Overall, he still looks
like he is adjusting to AA and will need more time.

I have yet to see Quincy Latimore
look good, and I think whatever ‘star’ he had is fading fast. I was
disappointed to not see my new ‘stud’ Adelberto Santos play (got the immortal
Charles Cutler instead), but….

Got home just in time to watch
Grilli ‘K’ Brandon Phillips and the Hammer shut down the 9th.  Good day all around!


By: JohnDreker Sat, 05 May 2012 16:09:00 +0000 Any postgame notes on Baker or any of the batters would be appreciated, either in this post or in Tim’s nightly roundup. Have fun but more importantly, bring home two wins

By: Lee Young Sat, 05 May 2012 12:00:00 +0000 Going to the Al Tuna DH today with Mrs Foo and a PG Plus ‘mate’. Wished I was going to Tampa, but……….lol. Let’s see…..Nate Baker or Gerritt Cole….hmmm….