Kevin Correia On The Trade Block

Image Courtesy Pittsburgh Pirates

MLB Trade Rumors, via this tweet from Rob Biertemple of the Tribune Review, is reporting that the Pirates are actively shopping Kevin Correia.  Correia in 13 starts has a 4.12 ERA/5.89 FIP/4.89 xFIP this season.  His diminutive 3.3 K/9 ratio will probably not help his suitability for most teams.

With Jeff Karstens potentially returning on Thursday, the Pirates are looking to extract any value from Correia possible.

Author: Kevin Creagh

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  • Chris M

    and there was much rejoicing

  • szielinski

    Let us hope Correia crushes the Tiggers tomorrow, besting Verlander and striking out 10 in seven innings.

    “Alex, I’ll take wishful thinking for $100.”

    • Chris M

      if we’re playing the Tiggers I think eeyore might take the mound

  • Lee Young

    I hear Drew Sutton is available. And Brad Eldred, and…

    oh wait…

  • John DiVito

    No GM in their right mind will give up anything of value for Correia.

    Good thing there are GMs out there that are out of their minds!

  • Jeff Clorley

    They honestly have to just trade him for Cash. No value will come from that.

  • John Lease

    Dumb to be shopping him now. Keep on running him out there, if he pitches well there will be a market for him. And who knows if Karstens is really ‘back’. He hasn’t shown it yet this year.

  • Richard Ya’Zhynka

    His 4.89 xFIP makes Correia a legitimate fifth starter. Most fifth starters have an xFIP that is at least that high. But, with the Pirates, 4.89 might not be good enough to stay in the rotation.

    • Richard Ya’Zhynka

      I was wrong. There are thirteen “fifth” starters who have an xFIP higher than Correia’s. Two teams have two regular starting pitchers with an xFIP higher than Correia’s 4.89. But that leaves eighteen teams with a fifth starter who has a better xFIP than Correia.

  • Craig Biddle

    Actually, the Cubs make a terrific trading partner for Correia. We can include a minor league RP like Tim Wood and get David DeJesus back; then the Cubs can energize their fan base by calling up Rizzo. DeJesus immediately becomes our 3rd best hitter.