Kevin Correia No Longer On the Block?

Jon Paul Morosi had the following tweet about Kevin Correia today.

The message doesn’t really say that the Pirates aren’t shopping Correia anymore. It just says that it is hard to see Correia being shopped with the Pirates contending.

I agree with Morosi that Correia is a solid number five starter. Look around baseball at the fifth best starter in most rotations, and Correia’s numbers don’t look that bad — even if you’re like me and you only focus on his xFIP, rather than his ERA. However, Pirates fans have been spoiled with great pitching this year.

If Correia regressed to his xFIP numbers, and started putting up performances like a 4.77 ERA pitcher, there would probably be a call to replace him. That number may be good in comparison to what most number five starters are putting up around the league, but it isn’t good in comparison to the upside that alternative options can bring the Pirates.

The Pirates have three left-handers in Indianapolis who are all putting up good numbers. Justin Wilson, Rudy Owens, and Jeff Locke are all major league ready, and all have the upside greater than the upside Correia has.

I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to deal Correia. He would be a good depth option to have in the system. But I’ve been saying for a while that the Pirates have better options and they should turn to them. I’d rather see that happen, than wait for Correia to hit his regression and lose a few games, similar to what happened last year.

Tim Williams

Author: Tim Williams

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  • Stephen Stasa

    If the Pirates hold on to Correia and promote or trade, what do they do with him? Does he go to the bullpen as a long or middle reliever?

    As I think about this, I like it. It would allow you to save Lincoln from long relief and keep him in Hurdle’s back pocket if he needs a big K or two. I would prefer promotion here though. If the Pirates are going to make a trade, I’d prefer it be for somebody like Josh Willingham or Jed Lowrie.

    • Lee Young

      I like him as a long man.

      • Tim Williams

        Me too.

        • Dave Parker’s Unfiltered Camel

          What are your thoughts on Bedard?

          • Albert Zangrilli

            He’s wearing out but he’s your only southpaw. Might want to bring up one of the three to get him broken in. Probably a good idea as soon as Karstens is re-established as your #3. Tempting to keep Lincoln in the ‘pen, but he showed you what he can do in the rotation once he got stretched out. He’s easily a closer but probably at least a back of the rotation starter. Correia is definitely on the block but could be your long relief guy if unable to unload.

    • Albert Zangrilli

      You already have Grilli, Cruz, and Hughes in the back of your pen. Lincoln would be overkill. But it’s nice to have these options for once instead of having to start the Jimmy Barthmaiers of the world.

      • Stephen Stasa

        First of all, Lincoln is a much better option than Cruz. Second and more importantly, we need those options. Hurdle has been quick to go to the bullpen because of how good it is. That gives the Pirates a competitive edge, and helps keep the starters fresh. If he’s going to keep that up in the 2nd half (which he likely will), you’ll want as many options as you can get.

  • st1300b

    I think there are better options with Morris, and the three lefties than Correia – trade while the market is searching for an innings guy – your best opportunity to get something back worthwhile.