Snider Progressing Through Hamstring Injury

Travis Snider continues to battle a right hamstring injury, which he suffered in Saturday night’s game. The outfielder didn’t start in the Pirates game on Thursday, but continues to have pinch-hit at-bats over the last two days.

Snider connected for a pinch-hit double in the loss on Wednesday, then scored after Clint Barmes drove a triple into right field. The 24-year-old ran gingerly around the bases to not aggravate it.

“Just being cautious,” Snider said. “It was a double and scored pretty easy on the single. I’m trying not to push it at this point.”

Snider said on that it felt pretty good today.

“I’ve got to allow myself to recover so I can get back out there a play everyday,” Snider said. “Everybody goes through aches and pains. You’ve got to play banged up sometimes. I’m trying to do everything I can to get ready to go each and every day, no matter what the capacity it is. As a starter, or off the bench.”

“He wont make it any worse by pinch hitting,” Hurdle said. “I think you saw him model the type of running that he wanted to do last night. He probably had a little bit more of need be today, but really tried to just muffle it the last two days. I didn’t want to use him. But if I’m going to pinch hit, his numbers are okay and he’s one guy that’s not going to go out and play defense. I think the last two days up there have helped him from being down.”

Author: Kristy Robinson

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