Huntington, Stark, Smith Will Be Retained for 2013

General Manager Neal Huntington, along with Assistant Kyle Stark and Greg Smith will be retained for the 2013 season, according to Pirates President Frank Coonelly. Despite Pittsburgh seeing a second straight second-half collapse, the front office will remain intact. Stark and Smith were also recently criticized for the training methods they used in the Fall Instructional League this month.

Coonelly issued a statement on Wednesday.

“For the second consecutive year, we put ourselves in an excellent position to meet our objective of winning our division but did not play nearly well enough during the last two months of the season to accomplish it. Our fans are understandably disappointed and frustrated, as is every individual in the organization.”

“As soon as we finish this season as well as we possibly can, we will turn our full and total attention to evaluating why were unable to finish the job and what we must do differently to take the next step to becoming a championship team. There will unquestionably be changes made to the way in which we operate as a result of this thorough critical self-evaluation, but we will not be making personnel changes at the very top of our baseball operations department. Neal, Kyle, Greg and Clint are dedicated and intelligent baseball men in whom I have great confidence.”

“Confidence in and support of Neal, Kyle and Greg should not be misunderstood with acceptance of another poor finish at the Major League level. We must understand why the quality of our execution and play deteriorated so markedly in August. Finishing was the focus from spring training but it certainly was not achieved.”

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  • Doug Weinbrenner

    this is a joke

  • David OBrien

    that sucks

  • buccotime57

    I agree neal should see his plan more year at least to see progress continue

    • Ian Rothermund

      I agree with you. I think I’d be ok if they fired Hurdle though…maybe light a fire under their asses. I’d like to see a tough, old school kid of coach. Not that I’m not a fan of Hurdle’s touchy, feely, hippie baseball approach. I’d like to see more intensity, not in the form of throwing equipment of screaming in the dugout, because that just doesn’t make any sense. In general though, there seems to be a definite lack of intensity.

      • buccotime57

        I agree i would have preferred for them to dump hurdle…mostly for a different voice to try to help them get through a whole season..and some of hurdles in game decisons are terrible….huntington has put this team in a position to compete…i still feel they are only a few minor moves away from making the playoffs…

      • whiteAngus

        compared to Russell, Hurdle was Billy F-ing Martin. but this team is only going to go as far as the pitching will take them. if we luck out with another Burnett type of aquisition and a youngster steps up in 2013, barring injury this team can make an even better push than 2012

        • Richard Ya’Zhynka

          I think Jon Lester of the Red Sox could be the Burnett of 2013.

  • John Lease

    All that’s left is to hope Nutting fires Coonelly. I’m glad they’ve evaluated it, before the collapse is over, and found that all is well.

    • JohnDreker

      That is what I took from this statement too. If Coonelly sees no reason to fire people then maybe he needs to go too because he obviously isn’t doing his job right either.

      • whiteAngus

        i think you’re both wrong. no offense.

      • John Lease

        Well, at least when the inevitable new regime comes in, with the focus on doing things system wide and fundamentals, it’ll be the third time in a row.

  • Matt Beam

    Locke not exactly distinguishing himself again tonight, looks good at AAA but has not been able to translate it at the ML level 2 years in a row at the end of the year… looking more like a AAAA pitcher than future rotation stalwart

    • Bryan Graham

      If you watched the game you would know that if Locke had any kind of defense behind him the Mets would have been out after 3 batters in the third. It’s hard to distinquish yourself as a pitcher when the team fielding behind you should have chico’s bail bonds on the back of their jerseys.

      • TonyPenaforHOF

        “It’s hard to distinquish yourself as a pitcher when the team fielding behind you should have chico’s bail bonds on the back of their jerseys. ”

        Got to be the quote of the year!

  • Matt Beam

    Down 5-0, Marte leads off the inning with a single and promptly gets caught trying to seal 2nd before an out is made… this team is baseball stupid and makes bush league plays all the time, Hurdle should bench him for being stupid… god forbid, you stay put and don’t put yourself at risk AND have the 1B hold you on and create a hole on the right side for a LH Alex Presley… you need a big inning not 1 run…

    • whiteAngus

      unless Marte was told to steal. you think a rookie has the green light to steal?

  • TonyPenaforHOF

    That’s unbelievable…there is no accountability in this organization whatsoever…its an absolute fiasco…

    • whiteAngus

      bulldookie. if so, russell would still be here.
      we have all witnessed the best season the Bucs have had in a decade and youre calling this organization a fiasco? and the daytime emmy goes to……………

      • Richard Ya’Zhynka

        They built a team that was 16 games over .500 two-thirds of the way through the season. That was no accident. Things are much better for the entire organization than they were when Huntington took over the craterous rubble left by Littlefield.

        • TonyPenaforHOF

          Ok, one more time for those who have not been paying attention…

          Just because we suck less today than we did in the past DOES NOT MEAN THE CURRENT STAFF IS GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO!!!!

          For the amount of money and high draft picks we should be much better. Our players who come up through the system are NOT fundamentally sound. The MLB team is “what our record says it is” – under .500. The minors have very few drafted prospects outside the 1st round.
          Yes we are better today than under Littlefield, but that’s because it couldn’t get any worse.

          • John Lease

            Not even sure it’s better than under Littlefield. Record wise, it’s a 9 game improvement in 5 years, but after a complete torching of what few assets they had, for very little in return. The John Russell teams were beyond pitiful.

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