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Mark Appel Tops the Early 2013 Draft Rankings

Mark Appel Tops the Early 2013 Draft Rankings

Today Baseball America released their top 100 college prospects for the 2013 draft. At the top of the list was Mark Appel, who ranked as the top prospect in the draft in their rankings back in August. That’s similar to last year, when Appel was the top prospect in the draft pre-season, but fell to eighth overall on draft day. Other notable players on the list:

21. Kent Emanuel – Right-hander drafted by the Pirates in the 19th round in 2010.

37. Jason Hursh – Right-hander drafted by the Pirates in the 6th round in 2010.

43. Aaron Brown – Outfielder drafted by the Pirates in the 17th round in 2011.

57. Brandon Thomas – Outfielder drafted by the Pirates last year in the 4th round.

71. Austin Kubitza – Right hander drafted by the Pirates in the 7th round in 2010.

85. Dale Carey – Outfielder drafted by the Pirates in the 21st round in 2010.

100. Dace Kime – Right-hander drafted by the Pirates in the eighth round in 2010.

The Pirates didn’t sign a lot of their 2010 guys, and several went on to become top prospects on this list. Kubitza and Hursh held to their demands and went on to college. Kubitza was looking for $1.5-2 M, then went on to be a starter in his freshman year at Rice. I’m surprised to see him so low on the list, as I figured he’d be a first round candidate. You may remember the situation with Dace Kime. The Pirates had a deal with him, but that was back when MLB delayed over-slot signings. Kime got nervous about the delay, and in the process changed his mind and decided to go to Louisville.

In other draft ranking news, last week MLB.com released their top 50 draft prospects. Appel also topped that list. The Pirates pick 9th and 14th. If the draft went in order of MLB.com’s rankings (it won’t), the Pirates would end up with outfielder Austin Wilson (9th overall, previously drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals) and LHP Ian Clarkin (college pitcher who throws 92-93 MPH with a solid curve). Pirates fans looking at the shortstop rankings will be interested in Oscar Mercado (15th overall). Those looking for a power bat will hope that third baseman Kris Bryant (7th overall, rated the best college power bat) will fall to the Pirates.

  • I hope Appel slides like he did this past year!

    Not that I am bitter or anything….lol

    • michaelbro8

      I’d think very likely he DOES slide, probably to the Yankees or a similar spending team. All by design of course, per Boras. He’s determined to beat the new system, and it will be really interesting to see how this plays out. (My money’s on Boras …. Boras > Selig)

      • John Dreker

        I hope he slides too just so players don’t get it into their head that not signing for over 3mil when you had the chance, is a good idea

      • wkkortas

        I wonder if it’s Appel and Boras’ plan to ask for max money if he slides again this year, and go the indy league route if he doesn’t get what he wants. That’s a risky proposition for Appel, but what if he has a good, healthy year in the Northern League or somewhere–he’s a young free agent with #2 starter written all over him. Someone would likely overpay for that, and they both laugh all the way to the bank.

  • I hope he doesn’t slide because then he would be around when we pck again. Who wants to deal with that again? i guess this time he wouldn’t have much choice.

  • Of course he’s ranked #1. He’s a top 5 pick with 0 leverage, unless he wants to delay his real big paychecks even longer. I think it would be incredibly smart to pick him up in the top 5, most likely sign him for something below slot, and end up saving a lot more for the rest of your draft. It’s a win-win. It’s kind of like when the Pirates drafted Sanchez back in ’09….if Sanchez had the potential to actually be somewhat decent. Lol.

  • Y2JGQ2

    i hope appel blows out his arm and then sues scott boras and wins

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