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By: WNCRoadBowling Fri, 21 Dec 2012 14:39:37 +0000 Personally I don’t really care what it “looks like” if it makes the team better. I think the Pirates could use a solid LHP out of the pen and the fact that he could be used as a swing man is a bonus. His stats the last two years have been hurt but where he plays.

His home ERA the last two years? 5.76 and 5.29

His road ERA the last two years? 1.27 and 2.66

I believe he could be more valuable to the 2013 Pirates than Hanrahan, add in more years of control and the fact you could probably get a prospect on top of it all and I’d do it.

Obviously it is just speculation at this point but if nothing else it adds more bidders.

By: Lee Young Fri, 21 Dec 2012 14:36:10 +0000 Just saw this:

His home road splits are incredible!

Last year Morales’ Home ERA – 5.29, his road ERA – 2.66

2011 Home ERA – 5.76, Road ERA – 1.27


By: Lee Young Fri, 21 Dec 2012 14:08:35 +0000 agree….

By: emjayinTN Fri, 21 Dec 2012 11:04:31 +0000 Tim: Morales or Aceves? Don’t even bother. That would look too much like a “salary dump” such as might have been the case before this management team took over. Aceves was a former Closer of theirs and Bailey spent the year in the minors – he showed promise as a Closer in the Oakland system, but nothing for the BoSox. We found a Catcher, we have a SS through 2013, but we could use another guy in the Rotation – anything short of that and we might as well stay at home.

On the Detroit side, NH better keep his hands in his pockets, because Dombroski is very adept at picking pockets.