Pirates and Red Sox Agree on Hanrahan Deal

According to ESPN Boston, sources say a deal sending Joel Hanrahan to the Red Sox is close. No names are mentioned in the article, but yesterday we heard that the Pirates were interested in shortstop Jose Iglesias.   We will continue to keep you updates on any news from today in this article.



Update: 1:21pm The article has been updated to say that there is still “work to be done” to get the deal done and the Pirates are asking for a significant return

1:59pm Jon Heyman now says that multiple players will be involved, but not Jose Iglesias, the name we have heard most often recently.

3:33pm  Jon Heyman has said that Jerry Sands could be a part of the deal.  He is a 25-year-old OF/1B that the Red Sox acquired recently from the Dodgers. Sands has played 70 games in the majors over the last two seasons, posting a .244/.325/.376 line. He hit .296 with 26 homers and a .900 OPS in 119 games at AAA Albuquerque this year. As a team, Albuquerque had the highest OPS(.832) in the Pacific Coast League in 2012.

It was also mentioned a little bit earlier by Jim Bowden that Red Sox  won’t give up any of their top prospects

3:43pm Bowden has now posted this update, confirming Sands in the deal

3:58pm Bowden now says Pirates sources have confirmed that Hanrahan will be dealt and Sands will be part of the return

4:24pm  Bowden with another player involved, although he doesn’t mention which one. Red Sox have two Pimentels in the minors, the likely one is Stolmy, a 22-year-old starter at AA. In 22 starts, he went 6-7, 4.59 with a 42/86 BB/SO ratio in 115.2 innings.

4:31pm The trade has been agreed on but not finalized

4:46pm Rob Biertempfel is now saying the Pirates will include another player in the deal. There will also be more than two players coming back to Pirates

4:54pm Jon Heyman is reporting Pirates will get four players in return

Some info on the players we know about. Stolmy Pimentel was rated as high as the sixth best prospect in the Red Sox system by Baseball America. That was after the 2010 season when he pitched well in High-A ball. His 2011 season saw him return to High-A, where his stats were worse. He was also in AA for 15 starts and that did not go well either. He went 0-9, 9.12, with a 1.95 WHIP. Pimentel spent this whole season at AA, making 22 starts with marginal success. He is a 6’3″ 165 RHP who can reach 97 with his fastball, but he works better when he throws in the low 90’s range. He has an average changeup and according to his BA report, he scrapped a below average curveball for a slider/cutter, which he had some success with in 2011. They originally projected him to be a possible #3 starter. He will have to show something this season due to the fact he has already used up two minor league options.

Jerry Sands has good power and size, 6’4″ 225 R/R. He was ranked by BA as the Dodgers sixth best prospect following the 2010 season. He doesn’t have much speed but has good instincts and can play a corner outfield spot or first base. Sands was named the best defensive first baseman in the Midwest League in 2010. He has hit 119 minor league homers in five seasons, with a .289/.376/.562 line. As noted above, he has spent two years in the Pacific Coast League playing in a hitter-friendly ballpark.

10:15pm ESPN Boston has mentioned that reliever Mark Melancon could be part of the deal, while another source said that no major league players will go to the Pirates

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John Dreker

John was born in Kearny, NJ, hometown of the 2B for the Pirates 1909 World Championship team, Dots Miller. In fact they have some of the same relatives in common, so it was only natural for him to become a lifelong Pirates fan. Before joining Pirates Prospects in July 2010, John had written numerous articles on the history of baseball while also releasing his own book and co-authoring another on the history of the game. He writes a weekly article on Pirates history for the site, has already interviewed many of the current minor leaguers with many more on the way and follows the foreign minor league teams very closely for the site. John also provides in person game reports of the West Virginia Power and Altoona Curve.

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  • emjayinTN

    Jose Iglesias is ready to trot out onto the field at Shortstop at PNC right now and be one of the best NL Shortstops in his Rookie year. His problem is the offensive part of the game, and he struggles to get extra base hits of any kind. He had a very nice year in 2010 at AA as a 20 year old, and in 2012 he hit .266 with 26W/47K. But , he batted over 300 times and had only 11 extra base hits so he had a line of .266/.318 OBP/.306 Slg/.624 OPS which is anemic at best, and he does not show any promise of getting any better at the plate. If this is the key player from the Red Sox for Hanrahan, we are getting hosed!

  • Kevin Creagh

    I’m hoping for Daniel Bard, but expecting Andrew Miller.

    • Matt Beam

      hoping this deal turns out as well as the last time we traded our closer, but the names coming in return are underwhelming so far

  • pezN8

    Bard would be nice. I wouldn’t mind if Anthony Ranaudo was in the deal (not the centerpiece). Jose Vinicio.

    My sources tell me it is going to be:
    Hanny, McPherson, and Jose Tabata for Xander Bogaerts and Blake Swihart.

    Keep in mind that when I say “My sources” I actually mean “my pet cat.”

  • pezN8

    No top prospects?
    We’ll settle for Swihart, Ranaudo, and Marrero.

    I know nothing of Jerry Sands.

  • pezN8

    Sands would essentially mean that GFJones is a goner. Same role (OF/1B) but with more years and less salary.
    Hanny, Jones, and cash for Sands, Bard, and…

  • Ecbucs

    if it means end of Hanrahan and Jones and prospects returned are not at least a B level it becomes just a salary dump.

    Not sure how Sands fits, if he is considered a legitimate prospect or an AAAA player.

  • swartnp7

    Wonder if Jones could then be dealt to Texas for Scheppers and Luis Sardinas? Sardinas is a SAL shortstop signed the same and same age as Profar. He’d be blocked by Andrus and Profar for the long term. Would be nice to have him and Hanson to pick from later. Maybe have one move to 2B or 3B (whoever is more suitable).
    Wouldn’t mind that. But with Robinson and Sanchez and now Sands, they’ll DEF want Jones salary of the books along with Hanny.

  • IC Bob

    Sands washed out in LA. Had nice stats at Alb. but those stats don’t count. They play on a softball field their. If you ever get a chance look at the player stats for Alb. this year. EVERY player bats over 300 and has double digit HRs, Remember Sid Bream average 35HRs when he played their back in the day

  • rburgh

    Absurd to not hold out for Iglesias. One thing we forget due to the “WAR value” of prospects is that they frequently bust. Somebody like Iglesias should be discounted by about 70% since he has considerable potential to never develop enough bat to be a regular.

    Hanny, whatever his flaws, has back to back seasons with big save totals. And closers get hurt in spring training (Bailey, Madson). What the heck was the hurry?

  • TonyPenaforHOF

    Pirates could put Sands in RF and keep Jones in a platoon at first. Might be a good trade for the bucs!

    • Lee Young

      what about Snider? I kinda liked what I saw of him even with his hammy problems.


      • TonyPenaforHOF

        Platoon in right and at first. Looks like Tabata is out.

  • Matt Beam

    probably too much to hope for but hoping for Bryce Brentz to be included, he’s borderline when talking the Sox top prospects

  • Matt Beam

    Any chance we could use the players we receive from Boston to help facilitate a deal with Arizona for Jason Kubel? He would look nice at PNC

  • Scott Richards

    Wo will close? Grilli? Morris.

    Another guy who will probably be in the mix for an OF/1B spot is Clint Robinson. Look at Minor League stats…'R'&sectionType=career&statType=1&season=2012&level='ALL

    He was blocked by Hosmer.

  • Justin

    i dont understand why it is a big deal if he was salary dumped when they just added salary yesterday in liriano.

    i’d take a hanrahan for lirano trade.

    • Ecbucs

      The Bucs should not be in position that they had to dump Hanrahan’s salary. It should not be an Hanrahan or Liriano choice.

      If Bucs are that strapped for payroll the team should just give up and say they want to play in the International League.

      Trading Hanrahan now makes sense if there is a good return otherwise just wait until later. He only costs $7 million if he is with the team all season.

      • meatygettingsaucy

        Hanrahan isn’t worth $7 million and should not account for 1/10 of the entire teams budget. If he was a starting pitcher, you can make an argument, not as a relief pitcher who throws one inning a night. Plus, with diminishing speed on his fastball, a rising BB:9, an increased homerun rate, and practically every save being of the heart attack variety this past year, I think the Bucs can find someone just as capable, if only a little less well-known.

  • capirate

    Garrett Jones would make sense for Boston. According to their depth chart, they only have Mauro Gomez for first base.

    Maybe the Pirates will try to get SS Deven Marrero. They were tied to him last year in the draft.

    Hope they get at least one decent prospect. Pimentel sounds like a reliever, at best and Sands may well be a AAAA player.

  • Justin

    so it sounds like Sands is a guy with a limited ceiling, but plenty of intangibles…. just the kind of guy that there will be outrage over when they sell high on him in 4 years.

  • pirateswfc

    Hanrahan really didn’t have much value at this point and should have been traded last offseason. That being said, I can only sign off on this trade if the salary savings is put into other players. With the increase in TV money there is no excuse for payroll to not be $80 million in 2013.

  • Todd Smith

    Sands seems like the Josh Reddick type breakout candidate that I thought everybody was looking for. In 184 games at AAA, Reddick had a .748 OPS with 32 HR. In 213 games at AAA, Sands had a .914 OPS with 55 HR. Reddick was Boston’s #7 prospect in 2010. Sands was LA’s #6 prospect in 2011. No guarantees that Sands will figure things out the way Reddick did, but this seems like the right kind of deal.

    Melancon coming back helps too. He had some success in the NL Central his 2 years with Houston and has some experience closing.

  • pezN8

    Getting kinda nervous as to whom the 2nd player is that we dealt.

    I wonder if the trade is Hanny for Sands & Pimental, but the Pirates have the option to include Jones and get Melancon and another minor leaguer (Brentz, Ranaudo, Swihart, Marrero, etc.) as well.

  • pezN8

    I’m liking the OF of Marte, Cutch, Sands (with AP and Snider on bench).
    I’m liking the IF of Alvarez, Barmes, Walker, Jones, and Martin.

    There is speed: Marte, Cutch, AP
    There is defense: Barmes, Martin, Cutch, Marte
    There is power: Alvarez, Cutch, Jones, Sands, (maybe Marte, Martin, Walker)

    There is KO potential: AJ, JMc, Liriano
    There are inning eaters: Wandy, AJ
    There is upside: JMc, Liriano, Locke, McPherson, Wilson, Irwin, Oliver
    There is depth: Morton, Locke, McPherson, Irwin, Wilson, Mazzero, Oliver, Stewart
    There is a bullpen: Grilli, Morris, Wilson, Black, Hughes, Watson

  • capirate

    Hard to evaluate this without knowing all the players involved. Definitely not getting a great return for Hanrahan like people hoped a year or two ago. I would rather the Pirates get 2 quality players than 4 question marks.

    Sands might be a decent addition. The one thing he is not is a good platoon partner with Sanchez because they are both right handed.

    • Todd Smith

      I’m thinking a platoon of Sanchez/Jones at 1B and Snider/Sands in RF. Sands has a .904 OPS against lefties and a .589 OPS against righties. Snider has a .738 OPS against righties and a .667 OPS against lefties.

  • pezN8

    I mentioned this on MLBTR:
    NH essentially just turned Sean Burnett into 2 yrs of an All Star closer, a 25 yr old bat w/ 20-30 hr potential, a relief prospect who hits 95mph+, a potential closer in Melancon who throws heat, one more unmentioned player, saved $7million & gave it to Liriano.

    sooo…a starter, a closer, a bullpen guy, an OF/1B, one other guy, and 2 yrs of all star closer play. For Sean Burnett.

    Not. Too. Shabby.

    Of course, my opinion goes out the window if the 2nd guy we send is anyone of substance. I’m praying it is Tabata and the 4th guy is Iglesias or a decent prospect.

  • beatembuccos21

    Hopefully this trade works out. Scott Van Slyke, who the Dodgers just DFA’d, posted a better OPS in 2012 for Albuquerque than Sands did. Sands is one year younger.

  • Bob Smith

    I went to the over the monster site and from what I reaqd the Boston Fans dont like this deal either. I think we got a comparable player, maybe eventual closer and 2 pieces, one probably is lost next year because he will be out of options, and Sands is a nice bench piece. As long as this isnt a reason to give GFJ away, I think it was as good as we were going to get based on Hanny’s peripherals

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