Francisco Liriano Passes Physical, Deal Now Official

Ken Rosenthal reports that left-hander Francisco Liriano has passed his physical, and that the deal is finally official.

There hasn’t been official word from the Pirates, but if he has passed the physical then the only thing remaining would be the press release. It looks like the Liriano saga is over.

UPDATE 10:47 PM: The Pirates have officially announced the move through a team press release. He’s coming in on a one year deal with a vesting option for the 2014 season. No word yet on the financial details for the new deal. Prior to the injury, Liriano agreed to a two-year, $12.75 M deal. The press release had a brief quote from Neal Huntington:

“We are excited to add Francisco Liriano to our roster,” Huntington said. “Francisco is recovering from his right arm injury and we look forward to him joining our rotation once he is ready to go.”

Tim Williams

Author: Tim Williams

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  • Kirk Lee

    WOO HOO! Bout time.

  • Ian Rothermund

    So….left handed depth isn’t a problem any longer, I take it?

  • Pghfan987

    I know this is early but … we expect Liriano to be ready by Opening Day now, right? Him passing the physical I assume means he can start pitching right away?

  • Lee Young

    Next two questions:

    When will he be able to pitch for real? April, May….????

    Who comes off the 40 man? Chase? Jeanmarie (my #1 hope)? Vinnie M?



  • wkkortas

    It looks like the Liriano saga is over.

    Well, yeah…if we enclose him in bubble-wrap until Opening Day.

  • piratemike

    12million 750 thousand dollars could have been spent feeding thousands of needy people instead Liriano will reap this kings ransom for a few innings of worthless pitching.
    Excuse me while I throw up[.

    • Ian Rothermund

      Probably a few hundred thousand people.

      • Ian Rothermund

        Or it could be used to build a highly advanced irrigation system powered by windmills or solar with water purification capabilities and feed millions over several years. Then again, some group of jerks with AK-47s would probably just capture and destroy it for some such reason.

        • Richard Ya’Zhynka

          Or it could be used in whatever way the person who earned it chooses to use it.

      • piratemike

        Not if they include coffee from Starbucks.

  • michaelbro8

    I thought there was still the negotiating over whether a Minor league deal or not ?

    • piratemike

      He passed the physical so it’s a magor league deal. I guess.

      • piratemike