Comments on: The Depth At Triple-A Forces Some Position Changes and Returns in Altoona Your best source for news on the Pittsburgh Pirates and their minor league system. Mon, 17 Nov 2014 18:10:00 +0000 hourly 1 By: emjayinTN Fri, 29 Mar 2013 23:37:54 +0000 Tim: Matt Curry should be at AAA regardless of anything that happens with cuts. The kid has been a bright light through Short-season, Lo A, and then they had to jump him 2 levels to AA because of deadwood at Hi A. He struggled, but then last year at dead ball heaven Altoona he posted 34 doubles and 11 HR’s in less than 400 AB’s – .285/.352/.480 and an .832 OPS. I liked Clint Robinson, but he has really not done anything. I think Curry can be a solid player for the Buc’s, and he has earned the opp.

By: Tim Williams Fri, 29 Mar 2013 19:56:21 +0000 I think it depends on the situation. With these guys, the position doesn’t matter. The important thing is getting at-bats. All of these guys are going to make it on their hitting, and not their defense.

With Dickerson and Curry, their upside is at first base, which depends on the bat. So finding a new position will allow them more at-bats in the minors, which is most important.

With Santos, his upside is a utility player. Adding an extra position has value, but he’s not going to be strong defensively anywhere. So his value is going to be more with the bat. So not only do you have the extra position, but you have the extra at-bats.

If it’s someone like Jordy Mercer, I wouldn’t want to see him adding other positions. He’d have more value trying to be really good at one position.

By: Lee Young Fri, 29 Mar 2013 19:28:20 +0000 IC….not unlike Delwyn Young. Actually, Santos would be better in the AL as a DH.

By: IC Bob Fri, 29 Mar 2013 19:17:00 +0000 I would agree but in Santos case I disagree. I wathc him enough to see he will never be a good second basemen. base on what I saw i can’t see him being any better ever at third. He has a terrible arm and no flow. That said his bat really play. The ball jumps off of his bat. I guy like him needs to be serviceable at many spots. At the end of the day he will best help the Bucs with his bat. I see him as a super pinch hit guy with potential to be a serviceable player when someone needs a rest or gets hurt. So in his case let him take balls at as many positons as possible. As for Dickerson and Curry I tend to agree with you. Those can best help us at 1B. No need to trot them out in the outfield when they have hardly mastered 1B and both have a chance to be starters in Pittsburgh as 1B (at least Dickerson does).

By: jg941 Fri, 29 Mar 2013 17:07:05 +0000 Tim – I would be interested in your thoughts on the philosophy of spreading these guys around to multiple positions – here’s some of mine.

I’m sure the company line would be that the players themsleves are becoming more “well-rounded”, and could be serviceable players at a variety of positions. But it also seems that philosophy could prevent a player from actually becoming VERY GOOD or great at one position, which is really what we need. In other words, instead of honing/grooming quality starters, you may just be grooming a bunch of utility guys, which won’t help you win at the MLB level.

To Santos’ (and most people’s) point, it IS about reps – 100 groundballs a day at 2B will hone your 2B skills pretty well, but 35 reps each at 2B, 3B and OF would theotretically make you less good at any of the three than if you had focused on one entirely.

I know guys don’t always “stick”, but now you’re talking about guys who’ve ascended to AA & AAA, and some of the moves – as you’ve well-described them above – could be interpreted as an actual watering-down of guys at certain positions, simply because the FO hasn’t done a great job of roster construction at each level, or in moving guys through (or out of) the system, or in creating the problem to begin with based on bad decisions at the top of the pyramid.

There’s been a lot of noise about the MLB 25 as you know (you’ve made some of it :-), particularly decisions like Inge, John McDonald, etc.

So, now you see the domino effect of that, in that someone like Adalberto Santos is forced to divert his attention from 2B and take reps at some new position, simply because he’s “blocked” from playing 2B at AAA, and simply because DeJesus and Mercer are there. Well…….if DeJesus and Mercer were on the 25 instead of Inge or McDonald, as they should have been, then Santos would be playing at the POSITION he should be playing (and getting better with max reps) and playing at the LEVEL he should be playing.