Comments on: Draft Prospect Watch: Strong Pitching All Around Your best source for news on the Pittsburgh Pirates and their minor league system. Tue, 18 Nov 2014 07:19:00 +0000 hourly 1 By: John Dreker Mon, 29 Apr 2013 14:09:18 +0000 No chance Crawford slips unless something drastic happens between now and then. Mercado really didn’t hit great last year either and when Keith Law saw him earlier this year, he and the scout who had been following him, were not impressed. If he slips to the second round, I would hope the Pirates take him, but it is doubtful they are considering him with either of the first round picks. Crawford could go at #14 and it wouldn’t be a reach

By: Y2JGQ2 Mon, 29 Apr 2013 14:03:40 +0000 Thanks for the update on Crawford and Mercado- I’m guessing Mercado is going to slip way down the board with that kind of hitting struggle in high school, maybe be there as a 2nd round pick? Any chance of Crawford being there in the second round? I’d guess not

By: NastyNate82 Mon, 29 Apr 2013 03:20:13 +0000 I would love for them to get Ball or Manea if they fell. Also, Law wrote that he thinks Frazier might fall a bit because it seems that he’s maxed out physically at this stage. Even so, I wouldn’t care as it seems his bat is legit.
To me, the two guys to watch this coming month are Ball and Wilson. Ball, as he hasn’t pitched much yet, is a big lefty with a big fastball. I think a guy like that could fly up into the top 5 if he dominates in May. Wilson, if he rakes, may emerge as a good alternative college bat if the Bucs want to go that way and Moran and Bryant are off the board. I’m starting to get confident that one of those two will either be at the Bucs spot, or force their way higher, letting a previous top talent fall to the Bucs.

By: John Dreker Sun, 28 Apr 2013 15:46:17 +0000 Good post TN. I think the Pirates might be able to get Manaea with that first pick if his hip problem is a concern to other teams. I think the hip problem may have something to do with the fact he pitched with a sprained ankle earlier in the year. He has not had a typical “ace” workload this year, so assuming there is no serious problem, if he slips to the Pirates at #9, they have to take him.
I guess it depends how they choose to attack this draft. If they want, they can get a solid college starter and bat with the two picks, which would get them guys closer to the majors than someone like Ball, who would likely start next year in the NY-Penn Lg.
I still think we will see one HS, one college player, one a pitcher, one a hitter. Just a hunch. My plan would be two college players, then stock up on HS kids in the next few rounds, unless Meadows or Frazier somehow drop to them, which I don’t see happening.

By: TNBucs Sun, 28 Apr 2013 15:34:31 +0000 I think I’m sold on Ball now:

1. Two-way player leaves open options should he hurt his arm;

2. Handled with care unlike so many pitchers (a local prospect here is allowed to regularly throw 120+ pitches);

3. Asked to use a wood bat–obviously a guy that gets it;

4. Has been allowed to work with his catcher to call his own game–clearly a pitcher and not a thrower;

5. Already has a feel for a change-up which I think is much harder to teach than the curve ball;

6. 93 mph from the left side with a chance for an increase.

It would be great to get him at 14 but he might be the best choice at 8.