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By: Fred Langford Tue, 23 Apr 2013 15:37:12 +0000 leadoff, I greatly disagree with what you are saying. The idea is too have a good eye at the plate and don’t swing at bad pitches, get ahead in the count, and see better pitches, and hit them hard somewhere…and if you get behind, alter your approach and battle…regardless of your talent level. If you are a strong guy getting ahead leads to HRs, and if not it leads to singles and doubles. If you tell a guy like Alvarez who swings and misses a lot to not be patient and try to take some walks you end up with a mess. Alvarez does this on his own a lot and gets into funks…which we have see for 80% of his career. Rare are the players that can just hack all the time like a Vlad Guerrero or Kirby Puckett to an extent…HOFers. Russell Martin has gotten him to the point where he may be too passive at times, and that can happen too…his walk #s are very good and he gets his pitch and hits HRs, but often he gets himself out to the tune of a .220 AVG the last 3 year or so. I understand, you do need to be aggressive at times, but it all fits within the approach.

By: leadoff Mon, 22 Apr 2013 19:17:12 +0000 You can’t get walks if you swing at the ball, in the minors high averages, power and strikeouts will get you to the majors faster than walks will. Walks are great for OBP, but I like guys that swing the bat. Alvarez is in Pittsburgh to swing the bat, not get walks, McCutchen is there to swing the bat, not get walks. Walks are something you take when they won’t pitch to you and you create that scenario by being a hitter they fear, it all starts with swinging the bat.
I hope the Pirates are not, do not hold guys to levels because they don’t get enough walks, if that is their theory, they will never have any hitting show up in the majors.
So much was made of Marte not taking enough pitches to walk more, but the type of player that gets walks is different than the type that does not. Marte is not the kind of hitter you want behind in counts. Martin is the kind of guy that can get behind in counts an end up taking walks.
The type of player has so much to do with those walk totals.
Watching Allie, it would appear to me that he is going to strike out a lot, it is hard to do both, strike out and get walks and as I said striking out requires swinging the bat.
If you get a guy that strikes out a lot and gets a lot of walks, you get a Grossman, would you rather have him or a guy like Marte. I think the Pirates answered that question, they kept Marte and shipped Grossman off.