2013 Draft

Baseball America Releases Their First Mock Draft

Baseball America Releases Their First Mock Draft

2013 draftBaseball America has released their first mock draft for the 2013 draft. We’re a month away from the actual draft, so a lot will probably change between now and then. The Pirates pick 9th and 14th in the draft, and Baseball America has them taking two college players with the picks.

With the ninth pick, the Pirates are projected to take Colin Moran, third baseman from the University of North Carolina. Jim Callis notes that the Pirates were on Moran more than most teams in high school. He also notes that Trey Ball and Reese McGuire are being mentioned at number nine.

The 14th pick is interesting. The Pirates are projected to take Sean Manaea, who is a college pitcher that was seen to be a potential first overall pick in this year’s draft. Manea is a Scott Boras client, and has seen his stock fall due to his stuff seeing a drop off this year. Callis notes that the Pirates could take Trey Ball at number nine and go with a college bat like Mississippi State outfielder Hunter Renfroe or Notre Dame third baseman Eric Jagielo. Renfroe is projected to go 15th overall.

One interesting player in the draft is Austin Meadows. Baseball America has him dropping to 12th overall. He opened the year as the top high school talent in the draft, but has dropped in the rankings due to low power production. He could still be a five tool talent, and would be very tempting for the Pirates if he was available at number nine.

  • piratesfan5

    I will be furious if the pirates don’t take meadows at #9. Too much talent to pass up on.

  • I’m all for taking the best available at each spot, but man, I really really hope they take hitters/position players. I know pitching is valuable and you can never have enough of it, but I want to see actual talent at 3B, SS, 1B, and C. I don’t want them to take an OF either.

    I’m cool with Hanson at SS, so get a 3B and a legit 2way catcher (not a catcher that is a project). Rather than draft a 1B, I’m ok with Pedro, Bell, or Matheson (if he fills out) ending up there at some point.

    • meatygettingsaucy

      Just hope the best player available is a position player

    • emjayinTN

      NS: With ‘Cutch and Marte locked in for years (2017,2018), and at least 5 excellent young OF prospects led by, IMO, Gregory Polanco, and Josh Bell, we do not need another OF. Reese McGuire is an excellent C/3B prospect, but Moran at No. 9 would be hard to pass up. At No. 14 I take the best HS LHSP on the board, The Pirates are set with LHSP’s through the next 3 years so why take a college pitcher? I would rather see a HS guy with a projectable body who we could develop and have ready by age 23 at the latest.

      • NastyNate82

        I’d pick an OF if it was someone like Frazier or Meadows who dropped to them. These things have a way of working out, its more important to get high-end talent there no matter what position.

        • Y2JGQ2

          “These things have a way of working out” really? You sound like management. Have you seen the ridiculous concentration at some positions and the lack of a single valuable prospect at others? Some positions…..teams value higher than others, that has to be taken into account or you end up with Clint Barmes as your starting shortstop for two years

          • NastyNate82

            Think about it. What if Bell gets a lot bigger and his mobility is limited? They can move him to first. Also, you can trade from the OF glut if it gets crowded. Its stupid to draft for need, then you end up reaching…and then you end up with a system full of Barmes like hitters. Good luck with that.

  • Mwaatrtd

    I pray that the Pirates take Moran. I’ll take a polished college bat over a project high school player every time. The kid has more HR’s than K’s, which is just insane, and he is probably the best bet to be major league ready within a year or two.

    • Y2JGQ2

      We’ve already got Bell who is a work in progress from High school, so I agree here. Definitely if you are going to take a power hitter, take a college guy. I still think since there are no top ranking SS at the college level, that Crawford needs to be picked at #14 if he’s there. I don’t see Hanson sticking at short, I just don’t. We need a prospect there who can actually play the position. I know some of you might be scared of a Chad Hermanson repeat, but we need SS and noone is trading them.

  • NastyNate82

    Thats not a bad haul. The reports on Manaea having low velocity are kind of disturbing…I think if he keeps firing mid-80’s, he’ll drop completely. Realistically, I think a Moran/Bell combo would be very good. I’d be ecstatic if Frazier dropped. And it sounds like he might drop to near #9.

  • Y2JGQ2

    Moran/J.P. Crawford

  • Kohl Stewart/Reese McGuire would be two best available players that would likely be there at our respective picks. If you miss out on a grade A prospect like Appel you can’t follow it up with a marginal prospect like Moran or Ball. You need a high potential guy that could turn into a #1 or #2 starter like Appel would have been. McGuire fills a need at catcher and Tony Sanchez, Wyatt Mathisen, and McGuire is exciting depth wise. You gotta like McGuire’s LH bat

    I want no part of the college bats this year. However, knowing our buccos they will take a pair of college bats bc they think they are close to contending. You can trade some of the OF guys and maybe a pitcher to get a good 3B prospect. Might as well go for the best available prospect like Miguel Sano, who can annihilate the ball. You could even include Alvarez in such a deal because at this point I am over him. Probably can’t afford him either down the road

  • mcnair54

    The Pirates need Colin Moran ar 9. He is a hit machine and that is exactly what this team needs. I get the Joey Votto vibe when I’ve watched his tapes. He sprays the ball all over the field and occasionally hits for power. He’ll be a .310 20HR a season guy which would be perfect at third base in PNC.

2013 Draft

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