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Tim….I can identify with your ‘entertainment’ comment. I refereed basketball for so long, it is hard (mostly) to just ‘watch’ a game. I am always watching the refs . We’re taught to NOT watch the ball, but watch our area, that it almost seems counter intuitive to watch it.

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By: NorCal Buc Sat, 18 May 2013 11:17:08 +0000 Wonderfully said, Tim. Sports has the ability to draw people together, compete strangers, to experience great joy together. I’ve experienced this “special effects” throughout my life, in my hometown.

Pittsburgh sports holds a special place in my life. I became enthralled with Roberto Clemente as a youngster. I hold him as I do Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, as “guides” in my life. Mrs. Parks and many others in Birmingham, actually, sparked the civil rights movement the year Roberto debuted, in 1955. THAT was also the year of my birth, a white boy born into a sleepy suburb in PGH.

Then the Steelers of the late sixties enthralled a region decimated by corporate decisions. People were together, regardless of background, to cheer a very special group of athletes, as were the Bucs of 1971.

BTW – The Bucs of 1971 were the first team to field an all non-white starting nine.

AND then, of course, we sang and danced together as “WE Are Fam-A-Lee” to Willie and Sistah Sledge.

Rarely in American life do we have the chance for commoraderie with complete strangers; to see the joy in one another, regardless of background.

I’ve been lucky in my life to have followed Roberto and Willie and Terry and Franco and Mario and now this group.

This generation has it all over again, in it’s own way, with Sydney and Geno, to go along with what the Bucs are birthing, right before our eyes. The Steelers are winners, to be sure, but lack that special “personal” connection, I feel.