Comments on: Draft Day Two Recap: Lefty Pitchers, Shortstops, Groundballs, and Upside Your best source for news on the Pittsburgh Pirates and their minor league system. Fri, 14 Nov 2014 22:37:00 +0000 hourly 1 By: Laura Day Sun, 09 Jun 2013 14:32:28 +0000 I expect Adam Frazier to be an above-average SS for his entire pro career. He will be a key player on the Jamestown team.

If he can hit he’ll be a big league regular. That’s the question with him. Also, he was a high profile guy having played on the US National College Team.

FWIW BA rankings of Pirates picks

6 Austin Meadows
10 Reese McGuire
55 Blake Taylor
75 JaCoby Jones
114 Trae Arbet
144 Adam Frazier
157 Cody DIckson
241 Bryan Baker (40th round)

no one else in the Top 300

By: Lee Young Sat, 08 Jun 2013 12:13:54 +0000 Love the name ‘Buddy Borden’. I hope he makes it.

If you get one good starter and 2-3 ‘help’ players, it is a good draft. It sounds like we have that, if not more.

I was surprised we didn’t try to re-draft a couple guys, but….

Now we sit back and see who signs.



By: scrappy2499 Sat, 08 Jun 2013 03:32:54 +0000 don’t know if you guys saw but our Mr. Jones helped LSU out tonight w/a triple and run scored to beat up on Jonathan Gray 2 zip….

By: buc em all Sat, 08 Jun 2013 03:03:32 +0000 Lets get manny Ramirez jr

By: capirate Sat, 08 Jun 2013 02:32:32 +0000 The potential for many of these guys (esp. the pitchers) is interesting but they all sound like significant projects as well. Hopefully 2 or 3 will develop into major leaguers eventually.

I’m happy to see the Pirates go for upside. Still, it is hard to get real excited since most or all of these guys are 4-5 years from the majors. I hope they can get them all signed.