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Draft Links: Pirates Among Day One Winners

Draft Links: Pirates Among Day One Winners

Austin Meadows - Image Credit: Getty Images

Austin Meadows – Image Credit: Getty Images

Day two of the draft is about an hour and a half away. The Pirates went for upside on day one, taking two prep hitters in the first round, and a prep pitcher in the second round. You can read the day one recap here, and our day one reactions here. Also, here is a preview to get you started on day two.

As usual, day one of the draft is followed by “Winners and Losers” lists, as well as some other analysis on the picks. Below are some links to such lists and analysis.

**Sports Illustrated named the Pirates the biggest winner, noting that they got the second best outfielder and the best catcher in the draft.

**Baseball America had their first round analysis for each pick. They called Austin Meadows a similar player to David Dahl, who the Pirates wanted last year. They also said he is likely ahead of Josh Bell, and fits in the middle of the Pirates’ top ten. We’re working on the mid-season rankings for early next week, and added Meadows to the list last night. That’s where we’ve got him at this point, although the list isn’t final. For Reese McGuire, they said he should rank in the 8-10 range, noting that the system is deep. Looking at our unfinished list, there are a lot of guys in the 8-13 range who would be candidates for the top five in a weaker system.

**ESPN had their first round analysis for each pick. Jason Churchill said that Meadows has a lot of tools and future power, giving the Pirates something they lack — a left-handed hitter with upside. Christopher Crawford said that if Reese McGuire can show enough offensive ability to justify playing everyday, he could be one of the best defensive catchers in all of baseball in 3-4 years.

**ESPN also had highlights on the second round. At the top of the “Biggest Upside” list was Blake Taylor. Christopher Crawford noted that he’s all about projection at age 17 and with an outstanding pitching body. He also noted the Pirates have a ton of arms, so they can take it slow with Taylor.

  • capirate

    Rating the Pirates the biggest winner in the first round should not be a great surprise since they were the only team with 2 picks in the top 15. They should have done well.

    A bigger question is whether they can build on this in later rounds. I would much rather see the media saying the Pirates have one of the best drafts overall than just the best in the first round.

    • That’s not remotely true, w/ all due respect. Multiple teams had multiple picks in the draft, albeit not as high as the Pirates. Plus, just because you have the picks….doesn’t necessarily mean that you picked well. In fact, one could argue that – because the Pirates had two top-15 picks – the bar was set exceptionally high and therefore they are held to a higher standard.

      The fact that no one – outside of, ironically enough, ‘Pirate fans that believe they know more than our entire Front Office’ – has panned either pick is the surest sign that we did well, at least as it relates to picking for value/process.

      We did well. There is no reason to discount that fact just because we had an extra pick. None.

      • sorry Smalley, you’re dead wrong. two picks in the top 15 you should do well. why do you have two top 15 picks? well we couldn’t sign Appel. Had they signed Appel last year and just came away with McGuire and Taylor they would be just like every other team this year. so, having an extra top 10 pick really did wonders for this draft. sad thing if the FO was more smart we could’ve had a better draft … cough …. cough … Gaby “bleepin” Sanchez.

        • Kevin_Young

          Because the odds of that pick turning into a productive major leaguer are off the charts right?

  • Nuke Laloosh

    I tend to agree; it’s hard to screw up with 2 of the top 14 picks. Where you make your hay is in scouting the after the first t couple of rounds. That’s where teams like the Cardinals destroy teams. They find the talent in the later rounds(i.e.-Pujols and Matt Adams) that others don’t. How the Pirates missed the boat on someone in their own back yard like Adams amazes me.

    • i get what you mean on Adams, there is a kid from Clearfield that can hit 95 and no interest from the Pirates….mostly a reliever, but a young college arm in your territory, there should be no reason you’re not atleast visiting him.

      You got the Urban Youth Academy, which is great for inner city youths, but baseball in this area is going downhill with interest turning to Soccer. Maybe MLB needs to turn some eyes to the smaller towns in America.

      • Nuke Laloosh

        Who is throwing 95 from Clearfield?

  • There is at least some chance the Pirates could top the Royals 8 players on Baseball America’s top 100 a few years back. It depends on whether someone like Cole loses prospect status, and how the draft picks are rated.

    The Pirates could have:
    Gerrit Cole, Jameson Taillon, Gregory Polanco, Alen Hanson, Luis Heredia, Josh Bell and both of the 1st round picks. Last year the top 13 picks of the draft all made BA’s top 100 (sans Appel). So I’m assuming the 5th and 12th ranked draft prospects according to BA will make their top 100 next year.

    That puts the Pirates at 8 prospects in the top 100, needing only 1 more guy like a Tyler Glasnow to make the list for the Pirates system to top that famed group of Royals (and let’s avoid discussing what ever become of those Royals…)

  • rburgh

    Bucs could have 9 of the top 100 even without Cole – Allie, Kingham, and Dilson Herrera all have a shot at sneaking in at, say, #98.

  • WTM

    “giving the Pirates something they lack — a left-handed hitter with upside”

    Gregory Polanco will be disappointed to hear this.

2013 Draft

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