Afternoon Notes: Jason Grilli update, Giancarlo Stanton news (sort of)

The Pittsburgh Pirates released a statement today regarding injured closer Jason Grilli, who met today with team doctors and Dr. James Andrews. Grilli was diagnosed with a flexor strain in his right arm, and is not a surgical candidate.

Jason Grilli met with team doctors and Dr. James Andrews today to further evaluate his forearm strain

Jason Grilli met with team doctors and Dr. James Andrews today to further evaluate his forearm strain

While not perceived to need surgery at the time, Grilli will need a period of rest before beginning a throwing program and will be re-evaluated in 10-14 days. In the meantime, Grilli will continue rest, treatment, and rehabilitation only.

There is no expected date for Grilli’s return, but an estimated return may be better clarified after his re-evaluation. Pitchers with this type of injury normally miss between four and eight weeks.

With that news, the revelation that the Pirates attended Brian Wilson’s throwing sessions may push the Pirates to make a move on the veteran closer. As discussed on Episode 14 of the Pirates Prospects Podcast and Tim Williams this afternoon, the addition of Wilson could only help the Pirates’ bullpen.

In addition, when it comes to MLB trade deadline rumors, Joel Sherman of the New York Post tweeted the Pirates are another team calling the Miami Marlins “often” regarding Giancarlo Stanton. But, like the Rangers, the answer remains no as a result of Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria wanting to keep Stanton in Miami.

Pirates Prospects’ own James Santelli penned a column in June about why the Pirates should pull the trigger on a deal for Stanton, even if it would cost both Gregory Polanco and Jameson Taillon.

The move for Stanton would cost a lot even if Loria’s mind would change, but the Pirates would return arguably the game’s best right-fielder and between Starling Marte, Andrew McCutchen, and Stanton have the best outfield in the league through 2016.  But again, Stanton’s going nowhere as long as Loria wants him in Miami.

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Nate Barnes

Nate covers the Pirates beat for Pirates Prospects, and is an English Writing major at the University of Pittsburgh. Nate has covered the Pirates for Pittsburgh Sports Report, and covered Pitt Men's Basketball, Duquesne Men's Basketball, and Pitt Baseball beats prior to this summer. You can find Nate on Twitter @NateBarnes_ where he'll keep you updated on each and every time Clint Barmes breaks up a no-hit bid with one-out in the third inning of ballgames.

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  • Jeremy J Stein

    One of the few things I’ve disagreed with James Santelli about. No way do I trade Polanco and Taillon for Stanton if I’m the GM.
    Stanton would look great in the Pirates lineup but best case scenario, the Pirates would probably only get 16 WAR out of him before he is a Free Agent. (5 WAR a year, 2014, 2015 and 2016).
    Assuming that Polanco and Taillon make it to the majors but only provide a fraction (worst case scenario) of their potential production, we’ll say 2.5 WAR a year from Polanco and 1.0 WAR a year from Taillon, that would be 21 WAR before they are free agents.
    What if Polanco and Taillon reach their full potential though? The Pirates could be giving up upwards of 45 WAR before they are free agents.
    For what? A slightly better chance to win this year and maybe next? Polanco and Taillon will likely be up next year, so whatever production they might provide in 2015 and 2016 could equal or be better than what Stanton would provide.
    This will seem like a pretty extream statement but I feel it is 100% accurate, Trading Polanco and Taillon for Stanton would kill the future of this Pirates franchise.
    If I were the Miami GM, I’d be saying to NH, hey I’ll trade you Stanton for Polanco and Taillon. NH should then politely say “I’ll think about it and get back to you” then hang up, laugh, and never talk to the Miami GM again.
    That or NH should go Les Grossman on the Miami GM. I’m talking scorched earth.

    • Jeremy J Stein

      I got a better Idea, instead of Polanco and Taillon, why don’t I send you a hobo’s **** cheese, in the meantime and as usual ….Go **** yourself.
      Sorry, Tom Cruise cracks me up in Tropic Thunder.

    • Alex Henry

      I disagree with you so much i don’t even know where to start

    • buster09

      Note to James Santelli and the rest of the we just gotta get Stanton at any cost crowd . This is Joe Posnanski on the Myers trade to the Rays : ” It was just a wise-guy tweet, I know. ?Too soon,? many people wrote back. But somewhere inside there, maybe, there was a point worth making. Before the season began, the Royals traded Myers for Shields — with several other subsidiary players making it a six-player deal — and I along with many other people despised the deal for the Royals. If you are a team like the Royals (small market, limited resources, longtime loser) you NEVER trade one of the game?s best prospects just as he is about to come to the major leagues. Never.
      And if you do ? well, no, you don?t don?t do it. Not ever. ” He says it all right there ! We are talking about trading two of the top 25 prospects in the game,one of whom ( Polanco ) who is arguably in the Top freakin 5 yet !

  • Joseph Caldrone

    I hope we don’t panic and dump the future for Stanton. For the past week we have read it is a sellers market. Why over pay? Look at what it cost the Rangers for Garza. Hold the line NH. Why not release Snider, promote Lambo and wait for the waiver deadline. We have time. We have a good team. Do not do what the Brewers did and kill our future for a good season. We are built for the long run.

  • bqjd

    When does Jay Bell start taking some heat? Forget about the number of guys who seem to under performing, their situational hitting has been horrendous, and, they strike out a ton. A lot of this to me seems to be a poor approach at the plate. They swing at pitches early in the count that even If they make contact they won’t get a hit. More times than I can possibly count have let fastballs go right the middle without even flinching.

    I don’t know enough to comment on a players actual swing, but I can tell when a batter has no plan going into an at bat. While some of this falls on the players themselves, the hitting coach has to take some of the blame. And when a lot of players have no plan for their at bats, a lot of the blame should fall on the hitting coach.

    • Stephen Brooks

      Sacrilege, and 100% true. Set aside for a moment that tonight’s effort in Miami was about as uninspired a performance as I’ve seen out of this team all year – blame it on the long flight, the humidity and playing in front of a small crowd. Whatever. The RISP conversion, 2-strike approach, first ball swinging, corresponding number of strikeouts and lack of walks is all really depressing. Everyone, to a man, is at fault, even Cutch.

  • Y2JGQ2

    considering the reason they hired Jay Bell was specifically to help with situational hitting based on his ML past, it is dumbfounding that we struggle so much to make contact. Most of the time, the only player who looks like they have a plan is Russell Martin, everyone else is like, “see ball, swing as hard as I can” I’ve seen certain players make concerted efforts, especially Garrett Jones when he’s allowed to hit vs. lefties. He really gets locked in, tries to take the ball the other way, and I give him credit for that. Marte is either trying to pull the ball or get hit- thats it. McCutchen has no approach at all, neither does walker or gabby, pedro occasionally does but rarely….its a mess

  • jamminjoe66

    When Jay played for Pittsburgh he drove me nuts to watch him hit. He stood 10′ from home plate and could do absolutely nothing with the outer 1/3. Now I watch Martin, Cutch to name a couple who do the same. MLB pitchers try to throw 75% of their pitches there. Makes no sense

  • IC Bob

    Guys the hitting coach helps when guys ask for it. If it was so easy to turn free swingers into patient players it would have been done long before these guys get to the bug leagues. What we see is a young team where everyone wants to be a hero. As the season and the careers of our young players continue I think we will start seeing what we want however their will be ugly moments. Its baseball!

    • bqjd

      By that rationale, no hitting coach could ever be blamed. He could merely say that the players never asked for help. A coach is always the coach and should be helping his players whether they ask for help or not. And the fact that they are young free swingers is even more reason he should be helping them establish a plan and making them realize why that plan is a good idea.

      If they are not going to him for help, which I don’t agree has to happen first, then Bell needs to take some more initiative and establish a plan or what pitch to look for or what part of the plate for each batter.

      It drives me crazy when they are down late in a game and need an extra base hit and they let fast balls down the middle go by. Before the at bat, bell should be telling them to sit on fastball until two strikes. It is the best pitch to drive.

      Or tell Pedro never to swing at a pitch down and away unless there are two strikes.

      • buster09

        Starling Marte’ has the same exact approach right now as when he arrived in AA ball 3 seasons ago. If he doesn’t want to change his approach,which I suspect he may never do,he needs to be further down the lineup where he can swing out of his shoes till he drops from exhaustion,not getting 4 ABs a game with nobody on base in front of him.

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