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Recapping Today’s Trade Rumors With About an Hour to Go

There have been a ton of rumors today after a really slow build up to the trade deadline. Apparently someone forgot to turn the hot stove on until last night. However, there hasn’t been much action for the Pirates. There are a lot of names being thrown around, but nothing that sounds close to a deal. It’s almost like the situation my college roommate and I would get in near exam time. We’d have a deadline, and we’d have a ton of discussions about what we needed to do. But then it was 2 AM and we were playing online poker while watching a documentary on the East Coast/West Coast rap wars narrated by old white guys; nothing was getting done, and eventually we would realize we only had an hour left and would scramble to turn all of those “discussions” about what we needed to do into actual productions before the deadline. Which in that case was our 8 AM class.

The Pirates are approaching their 8 AM class, so let’s review all of the discussions they’ve had, while hoping they grab a Jolt Cola, a few Krispy Kreme donuts, and turn those “discussions” into actual moves (or lack of moves…just something where it’s not all up in the air). Click the names to see all of the latest updates on the rumors.

**Jeff Samardzija – This is the most interesting name on the market, although I don’t think he’s “on the market” like the other guys are. We just know that the Pirates have had interest in him, and that the Cubs are receiving offers. I did a Trade Values on him, but honestly I’d be surprised if he’s moved today, since there’s no need for the Cubs to rush.

**Nate Schierholtz and David DeJesus – We heard about them early this morning, and it has been quiet ever since. It seems the Cubs want to deal DeJesus more, and Schierholtz would be the better guy to trade for. If I were setting odds, one of these guys would be the favorite to end up with the Pirates.

**Alex Rios – He’s still being discussed, but the latest updates make it sound like he could be an August deal, since teams are balking at the dollars and the prospects.

**Bud Norris – The Pirates are still connected to him, but the interest doesn’t seem to be that strong. The interest from teams has picked up lately, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the Pirates’ interest has picked up. Also, I don’t think they need him.

**Justin Morneau – He sounds like a great backup plan if they don’t get Schierholtz or DeJesus, but it also appears the Twins will wait and try to deal him in August.

**Luke Gregerson – The Pirates were interested — or technically they were “sniffing” — but the Padres have since traded from their bullpen and they might keep Gregerson around now.

**Marlon Byrd – He’d be a better option than Schierholtz, DeJesus, or Morneau, but the price might also be high. It wasn’t a strong connection to the Pirates, and the rumors haven’t made it sound like Byrd is going anywhere for a reasonable price.

**Mark Trumbo – I saw a rumor on Trumbo, but the rumor didn’t even seem certain if the Pirates had even asked about Trumbo. So I skipped writing about it, mostly to do this post. If there’s anything more concrete, I’ll update. For now, check that link for Charlie’s thoughts at Bucs Dugout.

**No Trade? – One rumor is that the Pirates might not make a trade, and might wait until August. It seems a lot of selling teams could take the same approach. Of course all of that could change in the next hour.

Quick Analysis – I think the most likely guys would be Schierholtz or DeJesus. Rios, Morneau, Gregerson, and Byrd don’t seem likely to be moved. Norris probably will be moved, but the Pirates don’t need him, so you hope they’re not after him as much as the Orioles. I’d be surprised if Samardzija is traded. That leaves the outfielders in Chicago for now, with that all-important final hour remaining.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jeremy.ransom.5 Jeremy Ransom

    Just read that about Trumbo, and no sooner I do that, they reported it on MLB TV. It would be nice, depending on the price. I still wouldn’t give up Polanco or Taillion, but I’d give up something for him.

  • https://profiles.google.com/102528271117676652475 Joseph Panariello

    I think sitting still right now is their best option. Assuming they do not make a move I am hoping the call for Andrew Lambo starts heating up. Hit #28 today and having that kind of power in RF/1B would be an improvement over what they currently have.

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