Comments on: The Upcoming Rule 5 and Minor League Free Agency Eligible Players Your best source for news on the Pittsburgh Pirates and their minor league system. Sat, 15 Nov 2014 04:50:00 +0000 hourly 1 By: buster09 Wed, 10 Jul 2013 14:27:26 +0000 I would agree with you Dom. He looks like he could hold his own defensively in MLB right now,particularly his throwing,and I think his bat has improved a lot since April.

By: buster09 Wed, 10 Jul 2013 14:24:18 +0000 This is kind of related to the Allie question,and I have been curious about this since early this season. If Allie is as highly suspect as his SO numbers would indicate,why are all the ” experts ” on prospects so high on Joey Gallo ? Here is a kid that has a SO rate of close to 45 % at Low A,yet is constantly promoted as one of the best power prospects in Minor League ball,and was selected for the Future Games as well ?

By: smurph Mon, 08 Jul 2013 15:28:53 +0000 I agree. He is not ready for the majors, so why would any team want him on the ML roster the entire season?

By: Chris Hale Sun, 07 Jul 2013 04:05:53 +0000 Tim I was thinking that Aoki from MIL would be a huge upgrade in RF . He hit’s for a high avg against both lefty’s and righty’s. We need high obp guys in the lineup. we have to many swing and miss candidates. This would increase our production as much as any . We could put him 1 or 2 in the lineup. He’s also got controllable years left. What would it take to pry him away? Kingham, and Dickerson ? maybe throw in a Joely Rodriguez?

By: Chris Hale Sun, 07 Jul 2013 04:00:42 +0000 As long as they protect Kurt Yacko. LOL. We would sorely miss him

By: Curtis Sun, 07 Jul 2013 02:58:21 +0000 I see no problems here at all. I have a very hard time seeing a team keeping Stetson Allie on a major league roster for the entire year, he would have no value to the team whatsoever. I see Santos with a higher upside, so I’d be more inclined to protect him than you are.

By: chenzt Sat, 06 Jul 2013 20:15:29 +0000 P.S., I’m a bit confused as to the Bautista you were talking about. Bautista was taken in Rule 5 early in his career but Pirates traded him back. If you were talking about the Blue Jay trade, it’s not because we couldn’t protect him from Rule 5, it was because we made a choice to trade him away, since no one really saw the 50HR potential coming. It was different circumstance.

By: chenzt Sat, 06 Jul 2013 20:09:40 +0000 Bautista was different, he was an expensive utility player without the issue of being overmatched in the majors.

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t keep Allie, I’m just wondering if it is really that necessary to protect him in Rule 5. Right now he is striking out 38% in high A. If he were to be selected off of rule 5, major league pitcher would feast on him and it wouldn’t surprise me if his K rate approach the 50% mark. Considering he is a defensive liability, we can rule him out as a defensive switch late in the game. Let’s say that the team has a normal 5 man bench with one backup catcher and another backup shortstop, if they take Allie, that would mean 60% of the bench would have no offensive potential whatsoever. I just can’t see a team willing to stash him on the 25-man roster for an entire season.

As Tim have pointed out before, most power hitter who have succeeded in the low A amounts to nothing and that AA is the most challenging step for a hitter and he is currently struggling in A+. This leads me to believe that it is unfeasible for another team to take a flyer on him.

By: Rebel Sat, 06 Jul 2013 20:02:33 +0000 This was pretty good stuff and insight. One of the better pieces I’ve read here.
Well done!

By: rburgh Sat, 06 Jul 2013 19:38:48 +0000 Current 40-man roster names that could be left unprotected:

Burnett (contract expires)
Wandy (player option, he’s likely to exercise it but could go on the 60-day if he has surgery)
Ryan Reid – thanks for the memories
Barmes (contract expires)
Inge (contract expires)
Jared Hughes
Karstens – should be no temptation to sign him again next year
McDonald – good luck elsewhere! (could be kept and 60-day DL if he needs surgery)
Andy Oliver
Jerry Sands
Josh Harrison or Chase d’Arnaud – insane to keep both if they decide they want to protect deJesus.

That leaves:






d’Arnaud / deJesus / Harrison



That”s 29 guys without keeping any of the reserve IF troika; probably it would be prudent to keep 2.

Allowing 2 slots for AJ and Wandy, there is still room for at least 7 of:

Joely Rodriguez
Santos (my choice of the 7)



Not yet a roster squeeze, IMHO.