Comments on: Pirates Acquire Marlon Byrd and John Buck for Dilson Herrera Your best source for news on the Pittsburgh Pirates and their minor league system. Wed, 12 Nov 2014 08:06:00 +0000 hourly 1 By: Not4 Wed, 28 Aug 2013 20:45:42 +0000 As a Met fan who has watched Buck for this entire season, I think you may be underestimating him. The bottom line with Buck (and many other fringe starting catchers) is that he should NOT have been an everyday starter. His hitting suffers in a big way. But if you limit him to a couple games each week, he is a very, very strong 2nd catcher. Will hit for power and has been clutch, despite his average. Just too worn down playing every day. Defensively, he has been extremely good, as has his handling of the pitching staff and clubhouse presence.

Now its possible that you don’t see that down the stretch, but if played on a limited basis, don’t be surprised if you do, and you like him.

Byrd has been great so far this year, but as a Met fan, I kept waiting for the other shoe to fall. So far it has not, and I hope he keeps it up all year for you guys. Has been a great clubhouse guy as well.

I’m happy with the trade. Herrerra and a decent PTBNL was good value for what we traded, knowing full well that most prospects do not pan out. It’s all a numbers game. The more you have, the more likely to get lucky.

By: Not4 Wed, 28 Aug 2013 20:34:10 +0000 Hey Jeremy,

How many teams in the NL have 4 position players with a WAR rating of close to 5 or more? Okay, that was rhetorical. The answer is ZERO. How many have 2 position players with 5+/- or higher WAR ratings? Two – St. Louis (Matt Carpenter, who is a big question mark if he ever repeats this level of success, and Molina, who in his first 7 years in the league was never higher than a 2.9) and Pitt (Marte has a 4.9 right now to go with McCutchen). Colorado is close with 2 players just below 5 WAR in Cargo and Tulowitzki. Arizon is close with Parra at 408 to go with Goldschmidt.

Last year, in the NL there were a total of 13 players with a WAR of 5 or above. Atlanta actually had 3 of those – Heyward, Bourn and Prado. Heyward probably bounces back and is legit, but doubtful either Prado (who was around a 5 WAR once in his career at 4.9) and Bourne (once at 5.3 and once at 4.7) will do it again. No other team had 2.

In 2011, a whopping 9 players in the NL had a WAR of 5 or higher. No team had more than 1 player.

In 2010, 14 players in the NL had a WAR of 5 or higher (with one more at 4.9). St. Louis and Colorado had two legit guys each in Pujols and Holliday, and Tulowitzki and Cargo, respectivlely. SF had two ridiculous ones in Huff and Torres. No other team had more than 1 (though Atlanta was close with Prado’s 4.9 to go with Heyward.

In 2009 . . . well, you get the idea.

Guess the point is that having 4 position players with 5+ WAR is pretty much a pipe dream. Far more so than a mid-season acquisition helping a team win the pennant (think Sutcliffe in 84 for the Cubs)

By: smurph Wed, 28 Aug 2013 17:42:29 +0000 Seriously ??

By: turfmonster12 Wed, 28 Aug 2013 03:10:41 +0000 Cal, people think that in season improvements improve the team. That’s what we wanted to see. Sorry that the year 2016 may be adversely affected if this can-miss prospect doesn’t miss.

By: Laura Day Wed, 28 Aug 2013 01:19:54 +0000 I’ll predict that Dilson Herrera is more of an impact bat for the Mets than Travis D’Arnaud. Shorter version of Ronnie Gant.

By: Laura Day Wed, 28 Aug 2013 01:16:21 +0000 Probably not but he was the best hitting prospect @ WV

I like the trade for both teams

Other piece? One of the pitchers on the 40-man roster? McPherson, Irwin, Oliver, Stolmy?

By: Monsoon Harvard Wed, 28 Aug 2013 01:15:05 +0000 It’s ridiculous the way some of these repliers are over-reacting, as if Dilson Herrera is some kind of franchise super-prospect. (He’s not.) This is laughable.

The one I’d be worried about is the player to be named later, as Neal has already stated that it is a pretty good player who will make you say “ouch” rather than “who?’. Not Herrera. I have absolutely no problem giving up Herrera for Byrd & Buck. That is steal if it was only Herrera for them.

Having been a fan since 1969, I’ve been through many of these late season enhancements, and this is one of the better ones during my history.
I’m happy to get both players, they will definitely both help this team.

You have to give up good stuff to get good stuff, so I’ll live with whoever the PTBNL is. I like both players we got (especially Byrd, but Buck’s 60 RBI so far this year is no fluke either.) I still hope they get Morneau too.

By: Bucco_Joe Tue, 27 Aug 2013 23:51:07 +0000 Unless he tears up AAA, I’d leave Polanco in the minors next year (maybe a September call up). Why rush the kid?If he were called up next July lets say he would be just over a year removed from High A ball. Seems like a stretch to me.

By: Lee Young Tue, 27 Aug 2013 23:23:29 +0000 Kerry…thanks for that….it sure read like a slam, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

I’m on PG Plus 10 times more than I am on here and I have never been accused of being fair weathered about players.

I guess I will have to watch out how I post here. If anything, I have been accused of being too pro-prospect.

I will agree that I have never been a K-dro fan. I like his bombs, but I still feel he could be so much more. Not sure who else I have been down on. I was not in favor of moving our top guys for Pence or Rios or even Stanton.

I have never been negative about Hererra….he is what he is. John D has talked him up a lot, but I never thought he’d be a star.

I’ve been up and down on JT, Heredia and Cole’s ceilings, but I’ve never advocated trading them, have i?


By: Lee Young Tue, 27 Aug 2013 23:12:44 +0000 Jeremy…