Pirates Have Some Interest in Morneau; Yankees Not Discussing Deal

The Pirates have "some interest" in Morneau.

The Pirates have “some interest” in Morneau.

Last night I wrote about some of the conflicting reports surrounding Justin Morneau. Jon Morosi wrote that Morneau doesn’t think he will be traded. Charley Walters of the Pioneer Press felt that the Pirates were the best bet if Morneau is traded. There was another report out of Minnesota from Darren Wolfson that said the Yankees are back in it.

This morning, Buster Olney reported that the Yankees are not discussing a possible deal for Morneau.

Knowing that the Yankees aren’t discussing a deal for Morneau helps somewhat. The Yankees are one of few contending teams who could use someone like Morneau. The Pirates are another, and Bill Brink of the Post-Gazette reports this morning that they have “some interest” in trading for Morneau.

As I mentioned last night, Morneau would be an upgrade to the Pirates, since he’s performing better this year against right-handers than Garrett Jones. However, if you’re expecting Morneau to fix the entire offense, you’re probably going to be disappointed. I could still see Minnesota holding Morneau up to the deadline, hoping other teams get into the mix and raise the price.

Author: Tim Williams

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  • steelpro

    Probably makes just as much sense for the Bucs to wait until the deadline too. Closer they get to the deadline the less salary they have to haggle over.

  • PirateTom

    Yea with Jones struggling the way that he is I am becoming more fond of this potential deal.

    • CalipariFan506

      I’ve officially joined this bandwagon after today.

  • Blue Bomber

    Wondering if Morneau would get a jump in HR’s by moving to PNC Park? Both PNC and Target Field are amongst the hardest to hit HR’s, but PNC is about 10ft shorter down the RF line and RF power alley. Either way, he seems to be on a bit of tear right now and would be an upgrade.

  • deacs

    What would we have to give up?

    • https://profiles.google.com/112005585152702163048 Brian

      Not much. Every team in baseball passed on picking him and his salary up for nothing. So the Twins will need to pay some of his salary to get a prospect back.

      • https://profiles.google.com/116255365477483987850 jalcorn

        … and no one is going to pay a high price for a 1 month rental who costs almost $3 million, unless your GM is Larry Doughty.

  • https://www.facebook.com/roger.huffmanii Roger Huffman II

    No reason to not add him. The team makes nearly $4 million per home sell out. Huntington had a terrific offseason but it blows my mind why he won’t make a simple upgrade that basically requires no legit prospect but taking on salary. They took nearly $6 million in 2011 on Ludwick and Lee and this team is so much closer to a title than that team. Neal has done squat to improve the league’s 25th scoring offense and it is beyond frustrating.

  • CalipariFan506

    Part of it is he doesn’t want to deal prospects which I agree with. Part of it is there isn’t much on the market. And the worst part of it is he has overrated some of his own players and expects some to break out when it just isn’t there.

    • Bucco_Joe

      Its been a good year for the organization. They will finally finish above 0.500 so Neal gets to keep his job. More fans to the ballpark means more money for Bob. And another year passed without Coonelly spending time in the drunk tank. They accomplished their goals, so why do anything more?