Injury News: Wandy Rodriguez says he has Arthritis

I spoke with Wandy Rodriguez this morning, and he said that he has been told he has arthritis in his left elbow (his pitching arm). This throws another wrinkle into Rodriguez’s injury saga that has been going on since the beginning of June, and really has no end in sight.

“I’ve had inflammation before,” Rodriguez said. “I’ve had that before, and this doesn’t feel the same.”

As more information comes out regarding the status of Wandy Rodriguez, it becomes less and less likely he will pitch for the Pirates in the rest of 2013. Photo Credit: David Hague

As more information comes out regarding the status of Wandy Rodriguez, it becomes less and less likely he will pitch for the Pirates in the rest of 2013. Photo Credit: David Hague

Rodriguez has been on the disabled list since June,  and his last start came on June 5 against Atlanta when he pitched only a third of an inning and allowed a run on two hits. He was pulled from the game with forearm tightness, which later was learned to be inflammation in his elbow.

“The first time, the team doctor, I go to the team doctor and he said you have inflammation,” Rodriguez said.  “Later, I said let me go for another doctor…He said you have arthritis, inflammation.”

The other doctor was Dr. James Andrews, who also told Rodriguez he will not require any surgery which was a relief on Rodriguez’s part.

“When I go [to the doctor] it’s scary because he might tell me you need surgery,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez says that he has been throwing hard lately, and that people have told him he looks good. But, he said he still feels pain in the elbow.

“It feels like it’s in the bone,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said the Pirates have had him on a regiment of alternating hot and cold compresses and using an ultrasound on his elbow, but that nothing has really helped him improve that much.

“It’s getting a little better, but I’m not ready to go,” Rodriguez said.


Nate Barnes

Author: Nate Barnes

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  • buster09

    As someone who has had ortho arthritis and just spent 2 months in PT for it in my left shoulder,I know exactly wht he is talking about when it comes to how the pain feels. It feels deep,and goes in and out. Sometimes not bad,a few hours later you might not want to even move your arm. I can’t imagine trying to pitch with it.

    • Lee Young

      I guess we’re screwed then because arthritis doesn’t go away! I have it in 3 fingers from sporting injuries and the pain is there every day like you said.

      I bet he invokes his player option. If he’s classy, he won’t, and like Sandy Koufax, he’ll walk away from the game!

      From a Bucco fan perspective, I sure would’ve liked to have him in our rotation.


  • Y2JGQ2

    Okay, so if it’s arthritis. He can A) deal with it knowing that there is no injury or B) retire. The pain isn’t going to go away

  • johndw28

    I’m curious and somewhat concerned what they plan as far as 5th starter for remainder of season. Do they give Locke another look? Just rotate different spot starters? Maybe pimental for one start followed by cumpton for another? Not a huge problem but Johnson had not even pitched 3 innings and that game was basically over.

    Interested on others thoughts on this issue.