Pirates Shut Out in the Gold Glove Awards

Starling Marte and Andrew McCutchen were shut out in the Gold Glove races.  Photo credit: David Hague

Starling Marte and Andrew McCutchen were shut out in the Gold Glove races. Photo credit: David Hague

The Pittsburgh Pirates went 0-for-3 in the Gold Glove awards tonight, with Starling Marte, Andrew McCutchen, and Russell Martin all losing at their respective positions.

Starling Marte lost to Carlos Gonzalez in left field. This is a typical Gold Glove choice, giving the award to someone who was a good hitter and has a recognizable name. Marte had a 20.1 UZR/150 this year, which was the best mark of all MLB left-fielders in baseball with 700+ innings. Gonzalez had a 9.5 UZR/150. Gonzalez also missed half the season with an injury.

Andrew McCutchen lost to Carlos Gomez in center field. This one made sense, as Gomez was clearly the best defender. He had a 27.2 UZR/150, while McCutchen was at an 8.4 UZR/150. McCutchen showed improved defense this year, but Gomez was better. Rawlings said the award was close.

Russell Martin lost to Yadier Molina behind the plate. Martin won the award in 2007, and Molina has won every year since. Based on the FanGraphs defensive ratings, Martin was the best catcher. He was worth nine runs in preventing stolen bases, compared to two runs from Molina. Martin was worth 4.5 runs in blocking pitches, with Molina worth 5.9 runs. The caught stealing numbers were a big reason why Martin was rated better defensively. Molina had a better percentage, at 43% compared to 40% from Martin, but Martin dealt with almost double the amount of attempts (89 vs 46).

Author: Tim Williams

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  • csnumber23

    Absolutely horrible that Gonzalez got it over Starling! I can see the others even though I think Martin deserved it.

  • emjayinTN

    These awards are beauty contests and if it is even anywhere close, the biggest name will get the award. That was the case with Marte/Gonzalez and probably the same with Martin/Molina. That is one of the reasons it is very difficult to apply things like UZR/150 on an objective basis. If the voters do not understand the stat, they will not use it. In the “old” days, there were very few delineators to consider – now, since Moneyball, IMO, we have way too many considerations and more being developed every year or two. As you know, my best applications are fielding percentage – can you field what is hit to you?, and Range Factor – how much territory do you cover?

    • https://www.facebook.com/scott.skink Scott Skink

      Yadi deserved it. I personally don’t care that Marte didn’t win. Dropping a can of corn for a sure game-winning out against your #1 rival sticks with me more than anything else he did in 2013. And it makes up for Cutch’s underserving award from 2012.

      • csnumber23

        Ok bud, lets not give it to someone because of one fluke play. Why don’t you look at how many runs he saved us. He probably has twice the range of Gonzalez. The fact that one play just sticks in your head tells me all I need to know.

  • stickyweb

    It’s funny they would give it to the obviously better defender over the offensive beast in CF, but then choose the offensive beast, who missed a big chunk of games, in LF. Marte deserved it this year, Cutch didn’t deserve it last year or this year. He’s good defensively, but there are better. He’s just the best all around package so he’ll have to settle for the MVP, which is much less of a beauty contest than gold gloves.

  • clemo83

    How many runners didn’t attempt to steal because of Molina’s reputation? How do you quantify or factor that into the equation? Its kind of like a when a quarterback only throws to one side of the field because there is a shutdown corner on the other side.

    • http://www.piratesprospects.com/author/admin Tim Williams

      I thought about this, but on the flip side, how many runners attempted to steal on Martin because of the Pirates’ reputation?

  • IC Bob

    I can agree with all the recipients. In the future I think Marte will win a lot of these awards as he matures but he still has some cleaning up to do on routine plays. Molina is the best there is at catcher and though Martin was great for us Molina is still the best.

    • leadoff

      He wasn’t this year, Martin was better, reputation worked in this vote.
      Marte should have gotten it also. Cutch no, Gomez was better.
      Actually the best center fielder was playing left field for he Pirates, if Cutch would have been playing left field and Marte center field this year, they both might have won.