Ike Davis

Mets Still Aiming High In Talks For Ike Davis

Mike Puma of the New York Post reports that the New York Mets are still discussing Ike Davis with the Pirates, Brewers, and Orioles.

The Mets have tried to get Eduardo Rodriguez from Baltimore, according to Puma, although Baltimore refused to deal him.  Previously the Mets had tried to pry Tyler Thornburg away from Milwaukee in exchange for Davis. It seems they’re still aiming high, looking for a top pitching prospect or a guy who is major league ready. It’s not a bad approach to take. There’s no reason for the Mets to back down on the demands for Davis right now. Also, if Mark Trumbo can land the Angels two top pitching prospects, then the Mets might as well hold out for one for Davis.

None of the teams seem to be budging to the Mets demands, and I don’t think they have any reason to come down in price anytime soon. It seems this will carry over to the New Year.

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Tim Williams

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  • Bucco Boyd 1979

    Tim, nice update, as usual. I appreciate the prompt and thorough coverage that your site provides. While I hope that the Pirates can solve the glaring hole that the first base position has been for quite a few years now, I don’t think that Ike Davis, or any of the remaining candidates that have been mentioned–Adam Lind, Mitch Moreland–are what we need to be another solid building block for the future of the Pirates. Without a bonafided prospect in the organization at this point even close to being major league ready (Alex Dickerson was as close as we had and even he was probably at least one year away; now he is gone altogether), I am hoping against hope that Neal H. can go out and find a young, major league ready, first baseman that has not been thought of or mentioned in any of the reports thus far, someone that the Bucs can control financially for a few years and someone who fits the profile of players that this team is focused on for the most part, i.e., a young player that can blend in with Cutch, Marte, Pedro, Polanco, and Walker, to be another building block for the future. With the stockpile of young pitching that we have, I am hoping that Neal can find such a player and trade a young arm or two not name Taillon, Heredia, Glasnow, or Kingam, and get someone to play first base who can play solid defense and provide the kind of run production that is characteristic of the first base position. I just don’t see Ike Davis fitting that profile, and when I hear Justin Wilson’s name being dropped as trade bait, I just cringe with angst over that idea. If I am trading Justin Wilson, it better be for a heck of a lot more than Ike Davis. Hardthrowing lefthanders for the back end of the bullpen that quite possibly could also be converted back to a starting pitcher don’t grow on trees. The Bucs have two of them. I don’t want to deal either Wilson or Watson, unless it is for the proverbial offer that Neal cannot refuse. That deal ain’t Ike Davis. No way, no how!! Do you think that young first basemen is out there, say Singelton with Houston for example? Keep up the great work!!!!

    • buster09

      Tommy Medica

      • mpep86

        Id pick yonder alonso over him. The padres aren’t as high on him,plus he is still young and numbers should come up getting him out of that graveyard.

        • Ericfg

          I’d be good with either one of those two as they both seem to be a fit. While neither seems to have explosive power (sigh…) both have the right splits to go with Gabby, and also have plus defensive stats. Alonso has a great deal more ML experience….. Even Moreland, the more I stare at his page, I seem to be warming to.

    • G4

      I could trade Watson, and I’m a fan of his, but I’m confident that one thing NH has proven is the ability to put together a bullpen.

      Wilson I wouldn’t think about trading. Better stuff than Watson, and like you say, more versatility with the possibility of anything from being stretched out to a starter, being a closer, or keeping his current role.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lee.young.161 leefoo

      Bucco Boyd…good thoughts, but break your thoughts into paragraphs.

      Much easier to read.

  • Bridgevillebuc

    Not interested in helping the Mets rebuild….Screw the Mets!!! It’s amazing that in all the years when we traded away our mediocre talent that no one want to give us anything. Some Andy LaRoches, Craig Hansons and a few Josh Foggs. Don’t forget one Bobby Hill for Aramis Ramirez or that Robizone Diaz character for Joey Batts. Now the Mets want top talent for their second string first baseman….Screw the Mets…I hope their stadium gets hit by an airplane (with no people in it)..

  • Jared

    Too bad Sandy Alderson hasn’t left the trade market for Ike Davis up to Assistant Riccardi. Why, you may ask? Because Riccardi is the guy who basically Littlefield’ed Toronto’s system and was just recently quoted in the NY Post (believe it was the Post) as saying that you don’t build a team through the draft…you add to a team through the draft, but don’t build one that way. Heck Riccardi probably would take Jeanmar Gomez for Ike Davis…

  • G4

    TW, any word on a mini-camp in January this year?

  • BuccosFanStuckinMD

    The Mets are experiencing delusions of grandeur – Davis is a basically a left-handed Chris Carter – will hit 20+ HRs, strikeout 150 times, and hit .220. He has never shown he is more than that, even in his best season in NY. I would trade a Locke or Gomez for him, but nothing more.

  • rburgh

    I suggested in another thread that the Bucs should put in a claim for Chris McGuiness, who the Rangers just DFA’ed. He’s probably as good as Ike, and has a more useful skill set for the current roster – he is a patient hitter with a little pop. Drew 68 walks against 86 K’s with only 362 AB’s for Round Rock in AAA. So he is walking about 15% of his PA’s – we could use that. Basically, he profiles as a 25 year old guy who could give us what Justin Morneau did last fall, for under 10% of the money.

    • bucyeah90

      I like that idea, not much risk involved.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lee.young.161 leefoo

      I saw that, also. I wondered how his defense was.

    • BuccosFanStuckinMD

      Sounds like another Jeff Clement or Jerry Sands – AAAA player.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.brooks.581 Stephen Brooks

    Tim, based on Kevin Creagh’s trade surplus work last year, does the asking price of Thornburg/Kingham/Rodriguez really seem that high? Back of the envelope calculations using 6m/win, Davis at 1.5WAR/year would generate 27m of open market value but cost only 16.5m for a surplus of 10.5m. Ratcheting up Kevin’s figures by 20% to reflect the same 6m/win, a pitching prospect in the 51-100 range would be expected to generate $9-9.5m in surplus value, so it would actually grade out as pretty even, at least for Kingham.

    That said, I wouldn’t make this trade for the Pirates because 1.5WAR is such a marginal increase over what Gaby/Ishikawa/Lambo could provide against righties. Gaby’s glove alone should be worth half that or more given the additional innings vs. RHP. But if I were Milwaukee’s GM – with no in house options and having lived through Yuniesky Betancourt, I would seriously have to think about it. Thornburg is good but the ERA is a mirage. Scouting reports coming into the season had him as a #4, with concerns over his durability. Those guys don’t grow on trees, but neither do guys who hit 30 HR. And again, the drop off to plan B in Milwaukee is a lot steeper than it is on the North Shore.

    BTW I like rburghs notion of putting a claim in on McGuiness ad seeing what he can do. He’s actually similar to Loney in his skill set – good plate discipline, good defense, slow on the base paths, doubles power. The average is a little low, but the walks make up for it.

    • emjayinTN

      SB: Agreed. It just does not make sense for the Pirates to use top notch talent to trade for a guy who is probably going to get $4 mil or more in Arbitration this year, would be a minimal overall improvement, and the team that is asking this King’s ransom has already moved beyond him with Satin and Duda. I tend to like Gaby Sanchez full time with Neil Walker getting about a 20-30 game exposure at 1B in the first half of 2014. And, if I had my choice for a LH hitting experienced 1B to alternate with Gaby, it would be Mitch Moreland, who is more the contact hitter and provides excellent defense. If things look bleak at 1B after a half season, then look for something at the trading deadline. But, the Pirates have to find a way to generate LH hitting 1B talent in the minors and my two top prospects would be Matt Skole, AAA of the Nats and Dan Vogelbach, AA of the Cubs.

      I would offer Jose Tabata for any of the threesome of Moreland, Smoak, and/or Davis. I have no reason to want to trade a pitching prospect like Locke or Kingham for any of that group. For all of the negatives I have heard, Locke was one of the guys who held down the fort in the first half of 2013, and even though he imploded in the second half, he still finished 10-7, 3.52 ERA. And, Jeanmar Gomez is 17-16, 4.67 ERA in a 4 year MLB career and he will not turn 26 until Feb. With the Pirates last year he was 3-0. 3.35 ERA and started 8 games when the Pirates needed somebody to step up. The contributions of Gomez and Cumpton in 2013 are often overlooked, but they were very valuable to the overall success. Cumpton probably has the better long-term value, so I would make Gomez available and possibly include a lower level RP if a team favored getting pitching rather than Tabata.

      • G4

        Tabata sounds fair, kind of in the same category of guy-who-should-be-doing-better as Davis.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lee.young.161 leefoo

      emjay…at best I would offer a reliever and a 21-30 prospect.

      • emjayinTN

        Let’s hope you and I are on the same wavelength as NH, and his estimation of this group. We did give the Mets a lot of youth last year – Vic Black and Dilson Herrera – for a one month rental of Byrd. As it turned out, that move helped us immensely down the stretch, but I would hate to keep sending young prospects to the Mets. The Pirates need to emphasize defense, and Davis is probably the worst of the three by a large margin.

        • emjayinTN

          Just checked – For 2013
          Moreland +3.6 UZR +4.6 UZR/150 Overall WAR 0.7
          Davis -1.8 UZR -3.1 UZR/150 Overall WAR -0.1
          Smoak -4.2 UZR -5.0 UZR/150 Overall WAR 0.4

          If anybody, Mitch Moreland.

          • stickyweb

            You can’t base a decision on 1year of stats. Better to use career avgs or at least avgs for the last 3 years.

  • https://profiles.google.com/116899082423235635777 Monsoon Harvard

    Screw that McGuiness guy. The Pirates could get just the same and better from Matt Hague at first base.

    • http://www.facebook.com/matt.beam.16 Matt Beam

      Honestly, why are we talking Hague, McGuiness, etc.? Lambo had a better last year in the minors than all of these guys and to be honest there are very few top flight 1B prospects at AA or above even if you wanted to trade some of our pitching depth for them.

      At this point, give Lambo until next July 1st to platoon with Gaby and see where we stand. He might just surprise us

  • http://www.facebook.com/stephen.brooks.581 Stephen Brooks

    Hague hits right handed so would be redundant with Gaby.

  • https://profiles.google.com/113712883335661247632 unfurious

    I understand why everyone is focusing on a platoon partner for Gaby, but what happens if he slumps or gets injured this year? Is there any depth behind Gaby at all?

    • mpep86


  • CalipariFan506

    IMO there are a lot of folks panicking over the Pirates making a “big” move that in reality won’t make us more than two games better.

    • mpep86

      I agree. I got caught up in the FA frenzy last month, but unless an everyday 1B becomes available via trade,I’m looking forward to seeing what Lambo can do.

  • https://www.facebook.com/motown2217 Mike MO Morgan


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