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Pirates Tender All Eligible Players, Including Travis Snider

Pirates Tender All Eligible Players, Including Travis Snider

The Pittsburgh Pirates have tendered all of their eligible players, including Travis Snider. Snider looked like a non-tender candidate, especially with Jose Tabata, Andrew Lambo and Jaff Decker on the 40-man roster. The Pirates can still try and work out a trade at some point this off-season. He is projected to make $1.4 M in arbitration. Along with Snider, the Pirates tendered offers to everyone else currently on the 40-man roster.

The Pirates did non-tender Garrett Jones, Michael McKenry, and Kyle McPherson. All three had previously been designated for assignment, so the non-tender was more of a formality since they could have elected free agency if they would have cleared waivers. They all become free agents with the move.

Earlier today the Pirates acquired Chris Stewart, and there was a report that he agreed to a one year deal. The Pirates officially confirmed that one year deal, although the terms are unknown.

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  • Bob Martin

    I can see the Pirates trading Snyder before his goes to arbitration or releasing him after he is awarded his figure. I don’t see Travis making our 25 man roster at all this year.

  • Stephen Brooks

    Wow, Snider is a surprise. Either NH still believes the bat has some magic in it, or he’s met another GM who believes it and is willing to trade something useful for him. This doesn’t look good for Andrew Lambo making the opening day roster.

    Maybe reading too much into it, but I wonder if this is a signal that NH is going to run with Snider & Tabata in RF until Polanco is clear of the projected Super 2 cutoff (~ June 1), and just hope for the best until then.

    • ncap

      if lambo continues to his sub .200 in a winterball there isnt a good chance either

  • mblthd

    The Pirates should look into signing Mat Gamel and Jordany Valdespin. Gamel could win the job of Sanchez’ platoon partner, and the versatile Valdespin could platoon with Walker and play some RF.

    • Scott Skink

      Gamel has proved to be a bust, IMO. And Valdespin – you couldn’t possibly ask for or find a worse addition to the Pirates. Terry Collins had all he could do to not punch Valdespin’s lights out several times last year.

      • mblthd

        Gamel hasn’t really had an opportunity – MIL was going to give him a shot last year but injury derailed that. He was among the top hitting prospects in the game just a few years ago, and I can’t call someone a “bust” if he’s only had 269 PA in the majors.

        As to Valdespin, the whole Mets scene was something of a circus last year, with clowns and freaks all around, David Wright’s “leadership” notwithstanding. I think if you get him out of that environment and into a strong clubhouse with real leadership (Cutch, Martin) he could really flourish.

        • SteveW

          Valdespin was a big problem all the way through the minors as well. Unless he is a potential all-star (which he isn’t), that would be a terrible acquisition.

        • Mr. Goodkat

          “He was among the top hitting prospects in the game just a few years ago, and I can’t call someone a “bust” if he’s only had 269 PA in the majors.”

          Never heard that line before…

          • mblthd

            I’ve heard similar comments quite a few times. Domonic Brown comes to mind.

            • Mr. Goodkat

              I must be missing something — when was Dom Brown non-tendered by the Phillies?

              • mblthd

                Brown was the receipient of a “bust” label” from many Phillies observers

              • mblthd

                I mentioned Brown in response to your assertion (sarcastic, I suppose) that you never heard a line re: labeling someeone a bust before he’s been given more than a few hundred plate appearances in the majors.

    • mblthd

      Whoops, my bad – I was thinking Valdespin was a RH hitter.

    • Blue Bomber

      I like the idea of Gamel. Health has been his primary issue to date. He seems like a low risk / high upside gamble.

      • mblthd

        I agree – let him fight it out with Lambo or any other left-handed bat you think deserves a chance. Just do NOT sign Loney or some other so-called “proven” lazy stiff to a major league contract just for the sake of signing someone. Never forget the lesson of Derek Bell.

  • CalipariFan506

    Valdaspin is a clown. That is why the Mets dumped him.

    I like the idea of giving Snider a few more months. Didn’t think we gave Moss a fair shake and would rather see Snider flop again just to be sure it’s not the same deal with him.

    • Scott Skink

      Sometimes you just can’t wait. Joey Bats was an even more obvious example than Moss. I was a huge Moss supporter and always felt he’d make it, but at some point you just have to cut bait. Waiting 2-3 years on a player to make it while giving them 1,000-1,500 PAs just isn’t all that smart when that guy is dragging your team down.

  • Brian Bernard

    Seeing the Fister deal really struck a chord with me. This would be trading Kingham, Harrison, and any lefty reliever basically for a really strong SP in Fister.

    I’m well aware of Kingham’s potential, but adding a Fister would be a really strong type of move. Even somewhat affordable in addition for such a quality guy.

    I’m not doubting NH’s performance – but in general looking at certain moves and seeing if something would have worked… like this trade… makes you wonder if the team is missing some opportunities that are out there.

    • Scott Skink

      Yeah. I’m annoyed the Tigers took that deal w/o shopping the Bucs – especially since I wanted to get Fister here when he was still with the Mariners. I can’t see the Nats not being the either the NLE champ or #1 WC at this point.

      Seems the Tigers believe in Smyly, but Fister’s value (15.9 WAR over past 4 seasons) isn’t all that much less than Scherzer’s (17.4) – and at significantly less cost. I don’t get the deal from their end.

    • leefoo

      Brian….I would guess that there are a lot of GMs out there wondering the same thing “Gee, we could’ve done that deal”. And, it shouldn’t have taken Kingham. Robbie Ray was the Nationals #18 prospect according to BA.

      • Mike Rosati

        Call me crazy, but if we’re going after Detroit pitchers, I think Rick Porcello is the guy for us…low walks, high GB rate, and under contract for a couple of years, I think he could be borderline dominant with a defense like ours.

        • Jared

          Fister had a 54% GB% last year and has a career 49%…so he’s not far off from Porcello in that regard. Fister would have been a great addition and a lost cost in terms of $$$ but would have cost Kingham probably…I would have taken the deal I think. I like Kingham but Fister is not really that old, 29, and profiles well to our defensive system and was an innings eater last year and really showed how valuable he is when you compare his WAR to even that of Scherzer. He may have been an upgrade over Burnett at a lower cost per year, although a cost in prospects.

      • Jared

        He was the Nationals #5 prospect actually. It would have taken Kingham.

      • Jared

        He was actually the #5 prospect for the Nationals according to BA. Gotta look at the right years to compare apples to apples.

    • Bucco in St. Louis

      Brian, I thought the same thing last night. Although Kingham is a much better prospect than the one the Tigers received. I think that says more to what a pitiful return the Tigers received in the trade than whether trading Kingham, Justin Wilson, and Harrison for Fister would have been a viable move for the Pirates. Still, I’d rather have Kingham. As the Cardinals have shown, one of the most valuable commodities is having good, young pitching on rookie contracts. Same goes for hitters. I don’t hear too much anymore about what a missed opportunity the Priates had in not trading Starling Marte and other prospects for Justin Upton. Last year though there were many fans calling for the Pirates to do just that. Crazy. Wait for the prospects to arrive.

  • dr dng

    Ok, now I’ve lost track. With all of the arbitration offers, how many does that leave us on the 40 man roster?

    Could Snyder be the PTBNL?

  • piraddict

    I think NH is bringing Snyder to Spring Training in order to assure a competitive environment for the RF position. Now they have Tabby, Jaff, Snyder and Lambo competing for RF with Polanco waiting in the wings, and only two will survive, though Lambo has another possible position at 1B which could help him as a 5th OF.

    Cmpetition brings out the best in athletes, which is what you want as a GM.

    Snyder also provides trade ammunition. If NH is to get a WAR upgrade at 1B through trade he might need to do it by offering several possible MLB players. Who wouldn’t want to offer any three of the four above instead of a Polanco or a Hanson in a trade for a quality 1B candidate?

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