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The 2014 Prospect Guide is Now Available as an eBook

The 2014 Prospect Guide is Now Available as an eBook

The 2014 Prospect Guide was released last week in paperback form. For the fourth year in a row, we are also providing the book in eBook form. The eBook was released today, and can be purchased through our publisher.

The eBook is priced at $21, which is the same as the regular book. In most cases, eBooks are cheaper than the regular books. Our publisher is always offering discounts, which means the eBook can always be purchased at a rate lower than the $21 price. They currently have a 40% off discount, using the code “TEAMLULU2013”. The discount runs through December 31st, and makes the final cost of the eBook $12.60. So the list price is the same, but with the discount you get it at a much reduced price, which is more typical for eBooks. The normal discounts are usually around 15-30%, so this is probably the best price that will be seen on the eBook. This discount code only works on the publisher site, and doesn’t work on the products page of this site.

The eBook of the Prospect Guide comes in PDF format. I used this format because it makes it possible to maintain the formatting in the book, with all of the information on each player, including player stats. It also gives the eBook a better look, rather than switching to a more restrictive format that limits the book to mostly text. The PDF format also works on all readers and tablets, no matter what you have.

You can purchase the 2014 Prospect Guide in eBook form from our publisher. Be sure to use the coupon code above to get the eBook at a discounted rate.

  • cabbo80


    Received my book 2 days ago and haven’t put it down. My wife said if I bring it out on Christmas she’s leaving me. She’s a good woman…hate to see her go.

    • That’s going to be the prelude to the book next year.

      • cabbo80

        Can’t wait to see it. When do we begin pre-order for 2015!

      • freddylang

        Wasn’t going to get the book because I read all the player profiles on the site and study stats way too much but with the discount code for ebook and my never ending need to know everything about the Bucs system, I broke down and bought it. I just moved to Gulfport, FL so I have something to tide me over to p’s & c’s report.

    • xhoratiox

      This was funny, Merry Christmas Tim and cabbo80.

  • Roberrto21

    Got the Guide as an eBook in Australia and read it straight through! It’s as informative, balanced and entertaining as the site! Well done, hope it sells a lot of copies and that a lot of prospects achieve their potential!!!

  • Ed Ott

    I bought the eBook but the download is not working properly. I am using a Mac. It is showing up as an “unconfirmed download.” The file will not open at all. This is very frustrating.

    Why is Pirates Prospects using an obscure web publishing site? The content is so good, it should be on Amazon. I would love to be able to read it on my kindle.

  • Pie Rat

    I’ve had trouble with e books in the past. The regular pdf reader doesn’t work. I think you need to download the pdf nuance to read pdf books.

  • LloydBeFree

    Merry Christmas Tim, John and fellow readers……..

    Just a bit ago LLOYD dropped off the 4 rugrats to the 2 ex-Mrs BeFree’s. Was able to sneak enough time today though to read all but the scouting reports of the new handy dandy Prospects Guide. Fabulous stuff…….best Christmas gift LLOYD has ever bought himself. Should be a long night snuggling up with the Guide and a few Hot Toddy’s!!


    ps………LLOYD is a real geek as he was doubly excited to open the package and see Glasnow with a changeup grip on the front cover….

  • Mr. Goodkat

    Long-time reader, first time buyer.

    Bought the eBook (needed some travel reading material) and was thrilled that it even works on my iPhone. I’ll probably buy the paperback from now on, but thats only because I’m more of an old school page flipper.

    Good stuff!

  • Any thought of giving a deal to those of us who might like to buy both a hard copy and an ebook version…

    My hard copy js somewhere in the USPS mail forwarding system since we left the Burgh for Florida Chirstmas eve…

    Would have gladly paid 25-30 for both…

  • Allboutthembucs

    Wanted to say thank you for the prospect guide! My wife and I make Christmas lists for each other, the 2014 Pirate Prospect guide was the only item to make my “need” and “want” list. This site has added another layer to the Pittsburgh Pirates that actually keeps me interested in baseball year round, also wanted to say a big thank you to your other writers who cover the foreign leagues, makes following all these kids so much easier throughout there development.

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