Pirates Photos from Spring Training

A few shots from today’s routine drills, with the emphasis on new guys. ¬†Of the NRI pitchers the Pirates have brought in, Daniel Schlereth and Jake Brigham strike me as the most interesting.

Outfielder Chris Dickerson has not been in drills the last two days, so he may have some minor injury or other issue.

The once and future outfield?

Jay Jackson

Jake Brigham

Daniel Schlereth

Jaff Decker

Cody Eppley

Josh Kinney


Author: WTM

Wilbur Miller joined the site in July 2010. He has long been known for his excellent Player Profiles, which he brought to the site in February 2011, combining them with the existing Pirates Prospects Player Pages. Wilbur maintains the player pages section of the site, and provides regular articles to the main portion of the site, including a weekly Prospects Trend piece, featuring the best and worst prospects from the previous week.

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  • CTBucco

    That’s quite a who’s who of “Who?”s :) (Outfield shot excepted, of course.)

    • IC Bob

      I thought the names underneath were the guys who took the pictures.

      • WTM

        They’re all selfies.

  • imadushbag

    Any sightings of Karstens?

    • WTM

      Haven’t seen him.

      • http://www.facebook.com/joe.sweetnich Joe Sweetnich

        Karstens was at the spring training camp on Friday but did not come out of the batting cage area. He was dressed in workout shorts and a T-Shirt but not Pirate gear. We called for him to come over but he did not. I assume he was there to say hello to all the guys.

  • The Masked robshelb


    Is that the baseball equivalent of a halo over Mr. McCutchen’s head ??

    I mean, c’mon. Sure, he’s good. But not THAT good.

    Unless there are some cosmic forces hard at work down there in Bradenton . . .

    Wowser !!

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=9333667 Adam Johnstonbaugh

    It looks like Jaff Decker is starting to live up to that Matt Stairs comparison.

    • WTM

      I thought about calling him Wild Man Decker.

      Just watched him have a pretty good BP. Showed some pop.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.rhodes.1690 Kevin

    Thanks for the pics, Mr. Miller. Question for you: have you seen Luis Heredia in camp yet? Just wondering what kind of shape he’s in. I hope he learned his lesson last year.

    • WTM

      Minor league workouts start tomorrow i think. Pretty sure he’s supposed to be in much better shape this time but i haven’t seen him.

    • WTM

      Just saw Heredia. Looks in real good shape. Drastically different from last spring.

      • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.rhodes.1690 Kevin

        Excellent! Thank you!

  • stickyweb

    Yeah, I was a little surprised by that pic, the first I’ve seen of Jaff. From his profile (little power, high OBP, can play CF) I imagined a Alex Pressley body type. Not even close.